Optical Illusion : Creating clouds from Deodorant Bottle

You might have gazed at the clouds so many times. They certainly brighten up the mood on those hot sunny days. Have you ever thought of creating an illusion from the same? The person who clicked this snap is certainly more creative than you if you haven't. It actually looks like he is creating clouds pressing the nozzle of his deodorant bottle. Doesn't it look quite cool as an illusion? But now you have an idea and you can very well do the same to impress your friends.

category : COOL | PERCEPTION


Optical Illusion : Painting the Sun

By all means, this picture looks like a guy is painting the sun. Some of you might even feel that it is a wall and he is painting it in a realistic tone. But the truth is that it is a normal unedited picture. This is just a perspective play by the photographer and the man is actually standing so close to the camera that the sun looks smaller and within his reach. He is just holding the paint brush in air and we perceive it as he has been painting it.

Optical Illusion : Lord of War Movie Poster

We are not sure if you have watched this movie or not. It is a good one time watch if you are asking for an opinion on the same. But let us not move into the review and concentrate on Nicholas Cage here. Of course you can see him but you can also see how the figure has been made. They are bullet shells and different sizes and colors of shells have been used to craft a passport size photograph of the actor. This also goes quite well with the theme of the movie. Again, it is an amazing work of art and we appreciate the efforts of the artist.

Optical Illusion : Popular Book

Where is the book pointing towards? Is it towards you or away from you?

Optical Illusion : Cute Cat Carving

Now one has to be a serious cat lover to carve such a cute version of the cat ironically on a jack-o'-lantern which are meant to be scary or creepy. The carving is three dimensional and it gives much needed depth to this illusion. The details are fine and smooth offering it a realistic look. The front limbs near the mouth is actually offering it the cuteness. The big eyes expresses much as well. A job well done by the artist.

category : ART

Optical Illusion : Hidden Face in Waves

Now we do believe that all of you must have experienced this quite often if you live on the coastlines. When you look at the waves, it often occurs that some shapes and even face some times is formed by the waves. What you are looking here is a touched up image and alterations have been done to bring out a proper face. It looks amazing. In real life, this type of illusion is much subtle without forming the detailed expressions.

Optical Illusion : Stroop Effect

This stroop effect optical illusion is really something. You can see an image below. Can you read out aloud without stammering or slowing down your pace of reading?

category : LOGIC

Optical Illusion : Crazy Shaky Trippy

This illusion is also known as the pulsating illusion. Just concentrate a bit on the center and move your eyes to random areas to find the whole image shaking or pulsating.

category : TRIPPY | MOVING

Optical Illusion : Dirty Harry Movie Poster

Clint Eastwood or the western genre fans must have seen this movie. Have you ever noticed the poster of this movie though? At the first impression, it is a gun that has been just fired (evident through the smoke illustration). But the shape of the gun has been combined with the face cut of a man. It is not difficult to spot but it is amazing how creatively the artist has designed the poster. It sort of generates a whole new interest in the movie.

category : ART | PERCEPTION

Optical Illusion : Trashing the Sun

Now this man is doing something that probably makes him the most powerful man on the earth. He has literally kept the sun in the mobile dustbin and now he is going to trash the sun. Well that's just how it appears to be. But hands down, it is so impressive that we must applause for the creative mind. The placement, the angle of camera and the perspective, everything is just perfect and makes it so amazing an illusion. Does this illusion stir up your creative minds to create something of your own?

Optical Illusion : The Torn Paper

We are sure you assumed it to be a close-up of a woman's cleavage. But if only your dirty mind would have focused more on the safety pin at the top, probably you would have thought in some other direction. Just look at the four corners and you will realize that it is merely a paper. It has been torn at the bottom and the fold is creating a shadow that is actually creating an illusion making you perceive it as a close up of cleavage. If you liked this illusion, do share among your friends.

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