Optical Illusion : Tree in a Barren Land

Well you can clearly see that the entire land is not barren. But that barren portion when looked from the bird eye view is actually crafting a shape. The shape of a tree in a barren land here is acting like an ironical metaphor. But let's not go into all that stuff for now. Let's just concentrate on this beautiful illusion that is a part of the nature. If you zoom in to the above portion, you can even make out branches making it much more impressive.


Optical Illusion : Amazing Landscape Painting

Even though this illusion is not a complex one, it is soothing to the eyes and an amazing work of art. Those are just the mountains and a river with a boat in it. You can see some clouds in the sky as well. But what makes the cloud different is how the artist has managed to pull the cloud into his artistic approach and form hot air balloon with them. This is the ISP of this illusion. Even though there is not a lot into it but this sole thought makes it so much impressive.

category : ART

Optical Illusion : Faded Colors

This colorful image is not as simple as it may seem. There is an amazing illusion sitting right there waiting for you to explore it. So without waiting any further, let us tell you what you have to do. Just look at the image and now move your head forward without taking your eyes off. Stop at a certain distance and now move your head back again. While you will be moving your head back and forth you will notice that the size or the area covered by specific colors will increase and decrease. Cool right? Do not forget to share this amazing illusion with your friends.

category : LOGIC | COOL

Optical Illusion : Dog Man

Now this is something really amusing. It really feels like there is a dog human or dogman sitting on the seat. Were you able to find the truth behind this illusion? Actually there is a person sitting on the seat and next to him, there is a dog. The person's head is not visible because he is probably dozing off with his head lying out of the range of camera. This is the reason that you are seeing a dogman instead of two different living beings in the picture. The illusion is amazing though.

Optical Illusion : Popular Paradox Triangle

You might be a newbie to the world of paradox illusions but we are umpteenth time sure that you must have seen this particular image so many times (of course the colors and size can differ from this). This is because it is the popular most paradox illusion on the web. The reason is the simplicity of the illusion. At first look, this might look alright but on the second glance you will find that the edges are not meeting in a feasible manner. It can stand perfectly on any virtual medium but it won't exist in real world.

category : IMPOSSIBLE

Optical Illusion : Fibonacci Swollen Square

It's a 3D figure right. We can clearly make out the swollen middle square. But wait it's not a 3D image. Or is it?

category : LOGIC | PUZZLES

Optical Illusion : Converging Checkers

This is one of the simple physiological illusions. You can clearly see the checkers converging just right of the middle. Probably you can also feel like the two different planes are rolling down at that point. However, that is not true and this is only what you are perceiving. The reason behind this is the difference in the width of the checkers that is decreasing as they reach that point. It makes us think like they are ultimately falling down or rolling down at that point.

Optical Illusion : One Missed Call Movie Poster

One missed call is a Hollywood remake of a Japanese horror. While the original movie spawned a total of three installments, this remake could only come up with one. The reason was the inferior quality of the movie. Just for the suggestion, do not watch this remake and opt for the original instead. Coming to the illusion, this surly appears to be a disfigured and spooky face but just concentrate on it a bit more. Can you see two faces with mouth wide open that is sufficing as the eyes of the main face? This is a great job done by the artist who has created this poster.

category : ART | FACE

Optical Illusion : Impossible Fence

Now this is an impressive model of a fence. We are sure you can recognize the paradox here. The two vertical blocks can never be connected by the horizontal blocks in such a manner in real world. But someone has manipulated (or created) this image in an image editing software. From the look of it, it feels somebody has created a 3d model in a 3d software but those software work in real environment. It is difficult to find out how the artist did it but he has done a real good job for sure.

category : IMPOSSIBLE

Optical Illusion : Abnormal Kid

Well, don't be scared. Remember it is still just an illusion? So what has gone wrong here? Well it looks like a mother is holding her kid. Her head is possibly hiding behind the child and her own legs. But of course, what is cleverly used is the camera angle. The person who shot it had clearly made up the mind how to make it look or it might not have been possible. Since you can see that for creating such an illusion, all you need is a camera and you can easily make one of your own. Probably your child will have a gala time looking at it in future.

category : PERCEPTION

Optical Illusion : Creative Sun Lamp

This guy is using the sun as a lamp and trying to read what maybe his favorite book. Full marks for the creativity here. The tripod is kept at the perfect place and the sun is merging with it perfectly. The guy is even holding a wire adding more details to it. The idea of holding a book was really good and has made it look impressive. Who knows if it would not have looks so good without it? Yes, you will need accessories to create such an illusion but we hope you get an idea and can create something different of your own.

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