Are you tired of receiving all sort of mathematics puzzles whenever you search for puzzles and riddles? If so, this section of Logic Puzzles and Riddles has been framed by us just for the people like you. You can feast your brains with the following which requires you to simply use your mind in the logical way. Go cerebral with the collection of Logic Puzzles and Riddles that has been brought to you by GPuzzles.Com.

#1 - A numeric lock has 3 digit key Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

A numeric lock has 3 digit code with the below rules:

(3,0,2)one number is correct and well-placed;
(3,5,6)one number is correct but wrong placed;
(5,7,4)Two numbers are correct but wrong placed;
(6,8,9)nothing is correct;
(6,7,0)one number is correct but wrongly placed

category : LOGIC | EQUATION

#2 - Who Is the Mother Picture Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Can you find the mother of the baby in the picture below?

category : LOGIC | PICTURE

#3 - Apple In Bottle Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

How was a full-sized apple placed inside a thin-necked glass bottle without breaking the bottle or cutting the fruit?

category : LOGIC | SCIENCE

#4 - The Left Hand Person Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Which person is left-handed?

category : LOGIC | PICTURE

#5 - 40 Lions 38 Sheeps how many didn t

Difficulty Popularity

Can You Solve This Lion sheeps Riddle That's Breaking The Internet?

40 lions, 38 sheep, how many didn't?

category : LOGIC | TRICK

#6 - Daredevil Microwave Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

A person named Daredevil arrives home after a hectic day of work. He cheerfully exclaims to his wife, "Hey babe, the microwave is running and defrosting a mutton dinner." In response from the bedroom, his wife says, "Could you please check the microwave and let me know how much time is remaining?"

Without hesitation, Daredevil rushes out and contacts the police, alerting them to a potentially dangerous situation involving his wife.

Why does he take this immediate action?

category : LOGIC | TRICK

#7 - Magical even number Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

I am a magical even number. If you try removing the first letter from me, I become odd.

Which number am I?
category : LOGIC | TRICK

#8 - Hardest Which Coffee(Tea) Cup Will Fill First

Difficulty Popularity

Get ready to exercise your logic and puzzling skills with the all-time favorite 'Which Cup Will Fill First?' brain teaser!

category : LOGIC | PICTURE

#9 - I like coffee, but not tea Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

I like coffee, but not tea.
I like sunrises but not sunsets.
I like hours, but not minutes.
I like dark, but not light.
I like five, but not ten.
I like false, but not true.


category : LOGIC

#10 - Smart Age Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

8 years ago I was 8 years old. 8 years later, how old am I?

category : LOGIC | TRICK

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