Optical Illusion : The Chirping Caterpillar

At the first look, you might get confused that it is a focused picture of a caterpillar on a branch of a tree. But look closely, they are birds; European Bee-eaters to be accurate. Don't they8 look super cute cuddled together on a small branch of a tree? It is an amazing job done by the photographer. This camera angle was necessary to create this illusion.


Optical Illusion : Vibrating Pink Pattern

This illusion has no installed brakes. It keeps on vibrating constantly even if you look at it for a sec or for a minute. But at just a couple of seconds, you may perceive a spiral as well. This spiral does not rotate at a specific direction enhancing the trippy nature of the image. Were you able to spot that spiral? Did you notice something else too? Mention your experience in t7he comments section.

category : COOL | TRIPPY

Optical Illusion : Middle Finger Cloud

That sure is not a good sight especially if you look at it after having a bad time at the office or probably after a little dispute from your loved ones. What will be the first thought that comes into your mind? We would love to hear about it in the comments. Anyhow, that can certainly ruin the mood or on the contrary can make you laugh rhetorically. Do you think someone has edited the image? Can such an image be real to perfection? Well certainly, sometimes nature amuses us.

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Smashed Elevator Door

It looks like someone has torn apart this elevator door. It also looks like someone smashed the door from the inside. A powerful super strength punch probably? You will be shocked to hear that this is actually a paint art. Yes you read it absolutely right. Someone has 3d painted the elevator door in a manner that it looks smashed from the inside. Well, it is too realistic and we want to applause for the artist who has done this job. We wonder how many people would have stopped at the door seeing this for the first time.

category : COOL | ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Buttoned Up Body Art

It is true that as the winter arrives, you have to button up your clothes so you can conserve your body heat. But look at this guy. We are sure that no one would want to button up his own skin right? Whoever has created this magnificent body art illusion has done a great deal of efforts to put in details especially if you see the stitched portion. You can clearly see the depth and yes anyone will be scared at first if you are a fan of those B horror movies.

category : ART

Optical Illusion : Hidden Face in the Meadows

This is a painting illusion. An artist has smartly painted out a scene from the meadows. You can see the sheep, the shepherd sitting below a tree, the huts, the grass and the trees. But can you find a face in this picture. It is quite clear as the matter of a fact. The huts are acting as the eyes, the tree as the nose, the shepherd as the moustache and mouth. Brilliant work isn't it? Some artists are able to truly amaze us by their work.

category : TREE | ART | FACE

Optical Illusion : Lord of War Movie Poster

We are not sure if you have watched this movie or not. It is a good one time watch if you are asking for an opinion on the same. But let us not move into the review and concentrate on Nicholas Cage here. Of course you can see him but you can also see how the figure has been made. They are bullet shells and different sizes and colors of shells have been used to craft a passport size photograph of the actor. This also goes quite well with the theme of the movie. Again, it is an amazing work of art and we appreciate the efforts of the artist.

Optical Illusion : Painting the Sun

By all means, this picture looks like a guy is painting the sun. Some of you might even feel that it is a wall and he is painting it in a realistic tone. But the truth is that it is a normal unedited picture. This is just a perspective play by the photographer and the man is actually standing so close to the camera that the sun looks smaller and within his reach. He is just holding the paint brush in air and we perceive it as he has been painting it.

Optical Illusion : Sailing on the Street

At least the pool of water looks tremendously realistic in this picture. The boat however looks like it has been painted which it has been but look at the water. The ripples, the reflection of sky, building as well as the sailing boat. They all are so realistic that no way you can say they have been painted till you actually go there and touch the picture yourself. The artist is touching a finger in the water portion and it feels like he is causing those ripples. Excellent detailing we must say.

category : ART | ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Middle of the Circle

Can you find out which of the given black dots marks the center of the circle?

category : TRICKY | COOL

Optical Illusion : Reveal by Shaking Your Head

Now this one is an interesting one and a bit difficult to achieve as well. But if you can do it, you will be astonished at the result and will be keen to find out how the illusion was generated. So without wasting any time, let us come to what you have to do. You can see and image below. Just look at the image. Now start shaking your head randomly. Keep it doing and you will soon be able to trace a figure inside the image. Were you able to find out what it was? What did you see? Use the comments section below to tell your experience.

category : AMAZING | TRIPPY

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