You are already hooked on to this topic after reading the name right? Impossible Illusions are those illusions that cannot exist in real life. How do you make these illusions then? Well, people generally alter the original images in a photo editing software. Although some artist even create these illusions from scratch. If you enjoy these impossible illusions, do share them with your friends and let them have a bit of fun too.

Impossible Optical Illusions #1 - Floating Tap

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This image is bound to generate curiosity in every mind. "How is this possible?" is the question which crops up in mind after seeing this. This marvelous illusion is created with the help of a hidden pipe under the stream of water. This whole structure stands on it. While supporting the structure, the pipe also serves as water carrier.

Impossible Optical Illusions #2 - Popular Paradox Triangle

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You might be a newbie to the world of paradox illusions but we are umpteenth time sure that you must have seen this particular image so many times (of course the colors and size can differ from this). This is because it is the popular most paradox illusion on the web. The reason is the simplicity of the illusion. At first look, this might look alright but on the second glance you will find that the edges are not meeting in a feasible manner. It can stand perfectly on any virtual medium but it won't exist in real world.

category : IMPOSSIBLE

Impossible Optical Illusions #3 - Impossibly Real Painted Basketball

Difficulty Popularity

No this can't be right! No way can this basketball be a painted illusion. An anamorphic art cannot be so real by any means. We all thought the same with the first glance. Though we can't deny the fact that we still feel the same. This is because it appears so real that you almost want to pick it up and dribble it. But then, it is a stunningly real 3d anamorphic artwork in reality. Whoever has created this illusion surely deserves a bow from us.

Impossible Optical Illusions #4 - Popular Ikemath's Impossible Pillars

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The first thing to notice in this illusion is the placement of the watch along with the figure. What does it tell? Certainly it has been kept there to tell us that this illusion is created in real world and thus is pretty possible even though it looks so impossible. But how? To know that we must have the access of the object itself. It is a particular camera angle that makes it appear in this manner. What if we chose another camera angle?

Impossible Optical Illusions #5 - Exceptionally Tilted House

Difficulty Popularity

The first look at this image and you will be shocked. You might want to believe that it is not possible or it is a photoshopped image. This image has been going viral on the social media sites for quite long now. Let us tell you that it is a real image. The house is for real and it is not tilted. It is the street on which the house is built. The street is steeply tilted and thus all the people in this particular street lives in such tilted houses.

Impossible Optical Illusions #6 - Swimming Pool

Difficulty Popularity

Impossible Optical Illusions #7 - Face of Paris

Difficulty Popularity

This illusion has become popular by this name. Of course you can see the Eiffel Tower in it and that is the reason. This picture shows the beautiful city and a girl walking under the rain with an umbrella. But along with that, it is giving an illusion of a face and thus the name Face of Paris. If you view the trees as eyes, the lady as the nose, you will be able to find the face. Now, this is an amazing illusion. This is because much of it is a real image and not a modified thing. Amazing right?

Impossible Optical Illusions #8 - Sailing in the Sky

Difficulty Popularity

Obviously, this painting is a paradox. This is not possible and self-contradictory. The fact is that the sea has been merged with the sky which can't exists in real world. But for the painters, anything is possible. The land is getting merged with the water and the water is getting merged with sky. The ships thus appear to be sailing in the sky. However if you look at the far end, it is sailing rightfully in the water. The overall effect of this illusion is quite interesting.

category : IMPOSSIBLE | ART

Impossible Optical Illusions #9 - Creative Library

Difficulty Popularity

This is an amazing painting. Of course it can't exist in the real world but the sheer creativity is amazing to look at. The base is merging with the first level. At each levels, you can see a different doorway opening (through different doors). Well it certainly is a dream library. Consider the fact that you can actually read while sitting on a door that opens to space, sea, woods, sky etc. Who would not want to sit and read in such a library?

Impossible Optical Illusions #10 - Staircase that can't Exists

Difficulty Popularity

We remember putting a staircase paradox back in time. Well, this one is much more impressive and conveys the paradox nature in a more explanatory manner. Just for the fun of it, try and follow these stairs and see where you reach. Are you surprised by the fact that even after climbing the steps, you are practically on the same level? But it looked pretty alright in the beginning. So can you try and create such a figure in real world? You won't be able to as this figure is impossible in real world. You can't create steps that meet on the very same level from where they started.

category : IMPOSSIBLE

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