#1 - The Car Race Distance Time Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel go for a car race. Bedore start of race, both of them have the exactly same amount of fuel in their respective cars. With the given fuel Fernando can drive continuously for 4 hours while Vettel can drive 1 hour more i.e five hours.

After a time they realize that amount of fuel left in Sebastian car is 4 times the fuel in Fernando car.

For long they are racing ?

#2 - Next Plane Maths Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Plane leaves from Chelsea every 50 minutes from West Ham airport. Air hostess told Frank Lampard that the plane had left 25 minutes ago and the next plane for Chelsea will leave at 7:00 p.m.

At what time air hostess convey this information to Frank Lampard?

#3 - Distance Between Houses Problem

Difficulty Popularity

Peter and Rhea lives some distance apart from each other, separated by a straight road. They both take out their cars and start driving at the same time with the same speed towards each other's home.

After some time, their cars meet at 500 miles away from Peter's house. They keep driving and reach at each other's home. Without stopping by, they turn back and start driving again. This time, they meet 300 miles away from each other's home.

What is the distance between their houses?

#4 - Time Drive Maths Problem

Difficulty Popularity

Two drivers began their journey with the same amount of petrol in their cars at the same time. The only difference is that the first driver’s car could drive 4 hours in that amount of petrol and the second one could drive 5 hours.
However, they only drove for some time and found that the amount of petrol that was left in one of the cars was four times the petrol left in the other one.

For how long had they driven at this point of time?

#5 - Marbles Time Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

In a bowl, the number of marbles gets doubled after every minute. If the bowl gets filled after two hours of such process, how long do you think it will take for it to be half filled.

#6 - House Distance Math Problem

Difficulty Popularity

Four friends built a colony for themselves. They built their own houses at different distances from each other.
Chris lived 60 km away from Alex.
Darren lived 40 km away from Bill.
Chris lived 10 km nearer to Darren than he lived to Bill.

Can you find out how far was Darren's house from Alex?

#7 - Hard Clock Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Two observations were made of a clock at different time:
1st observation:
The hour hand is exactly at a minute mark and the minute hand is six minutes ahead of it.

2nd observation:
The hour hand is exactly on a dissimilar minute mark and the minute hand is seven minutes ahead of it.

Can you find out how much time has passed between the above two observations?

#8 - Clock Observation Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

A clock is observed by someone.
The hour hand is exactly at a minute mark, and the minute hand is six minutes ahead of it in the first glance.

When the clock is looked at again, the hour hand is exactly on a different minute mark, and the minute hand is seven minutes ahead of it this time.

Can you find out the time that has elapsed between the first and the second observation?

#9 - Find Hours Math Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

Murphy and Cooper are having the same amount of petrol in the petrol tanks of their respective cars. Murphy can drive for four hours with that amount whole Cooper can drive for five hours.

They both starts together and keep driving for a few hours. After some time, they find that the amount of petrol remaining in one car is four times that of the other car.

Using all these facts, can you find out how long they drove their cars?

#10 - Distance Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

In a village, there are four tribes located at different distances from each other. Tribe R is 60 miles away from Tribe P; Tribe S 40 miles away from Tribe B and Tribe R is 10 miles nearer to the Tribe S than it is to Tribe Q.

How far is the Tribe S located from the tribe P ?

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