#1 - Apple In Bottle Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

How was a full-sized apple placed inside a thin-necked glass bottle without breaking the bottle or cutting the fruit?

category : LOGIC | SCIENCE

#2 - What can pass through water without getting wet riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Can you solve this viral riddle?

What can pass through water without getting wet?

category : SCIENCE

#3 - Physics Floating Coin Science Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Picture a glass of water filled to the top. Inside the glass, there's a coin resting at the bottom. Your challenge is this: Without touching the coin or pouring out any water, can you find a way to make the coin float up to the surface?

category : SCIENCE

#4 - Drop The Coin Bucket Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

As shown, there are two buckets of water.
In Bucket A, the temperature of the water is at 25 degrees C.
In Bucket B, the temperature of the water is at 25 degrees F.

You drop a coin into each bucket from the same height and they hit the water at exactly the same time.

Which coin touches the bottom first?

category : TRICK | SCIENCE

#5 - Logical Science Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

You have a glass of water and a glass of milk. You need to empty the two liquid into a barrel such that
1. The two liquids (water and milk) can be differentiated
2. You are able to sperate milk and water.

Note: Any type of divider in the box is not allowed.

category : LOGIC | SCIENCE

#6 - Dead Chemist Riddle - Byomkesh Bakshi

Difficulty Popularity

A well-known chemist name from London was murdered while his visit to Calcutta(India).
He left a note "76-20-44 79-16-22-7"

A local detective Byomkesh Bakshi was called to solve the case,
Chemist five assistant is under suspicion of killing the chemist named :
Austin, Terry, Cole, Hazard, Oscaru, and Drogba.

After reading the note, Byomkesh Bakshi instantly asked the police to arrest the murderers.

Who are the murderers?

category : MYSTERY | SCIENCE

#7 - Guess Scientist Rebus

Difficulty Popularity

Can you guess the scientist name from the picture rebus below?

category : SCIENCE | REBUS

#8 - Chemistry Lab Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Dalton was working in his chemistry lab and created a mixture whose weight is contributed by 90% water and 10% Carbon. The weight of the mixture is 20pounds. As he just finished creating the mixture, Dalton needs to go urgently for some urgent work for 2days. When he returned, the weight of water in the mixture was reduced from 90% to 50%.

How much does the mixture weigh now?

category : SCIENCE

#9 - Science - Physics Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

We have two identical balls in terms of diameter and weight. However, one of them is solid and the other is hollow.

Without knocking the ball, can you find the solid ball?

category : SCIENCE

#10 - Science Ology Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Astrology starts with the alphabet A.
Biology starts with the alphabet B.
Limnology starts with the alphabet L.

Can you find an 'ology' that begins with a P?

category : SCIENCE

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