Some artist use their body or multiple other bodies to create an illusion. They use paint as the medium to craft their art on the body/ies and project an illusion. Such artist needs to be praised and frankly these illusions are really stunning. If you don't believe us, you will want to see for yourself. In this list, we have collected some of the beautiful most body paint illusions for you. If you love them, share the love by telling your friends across the social media sites. If you are an artist and you want your work to be featured on this link, send us your work.

Body Paint Illusions #1 - Boat Rowers on Eyelash

Difficulty Popularity

This is one of the most unique body paint illusion that we have ever come across. The sheer creativity makes it worth all the praise. Using just two colors and placing the art at a perfect place, the artist has done a commendable job undoubtedly. So fashion divas, what are you waiting for? Probably this illusion can bring upon a new trend. But this is just one of the example. We are wondering about so many other possibilities as well.

Body Paint Illusions #2 - Fierce Tiger's Face

Difficulty Popularity

At the first look, you might not even acknowledge how many people are present in this illusion. But all you will see is how amazingly the artist has succeeded in creating the illusion of a Tiger's mouth. You can't help but marvel at the fine details the artist has put it. Look closely. There are three girls in this picture and they have been shifted together so as to form a three dimensional face. Amazing right?

Body Paint Illusions #3 - Hands on Face

Difficulty Popularity

This illusion has been pretty popular on the social media. Often quoted as the Face Paint Optical Illusion, this illusion deserves all the praise that it has received. We all keep our hands on our face at several occasions but one artist was creative enough to take it up and create an illusion of the same by painting it on a face. This is one of those body paint illusion that grabs your attention wherever you see it and you can't help but share it.

Body Paint Illusions #4 - Zipper on Bare Back

Difficulty Popularity

Not just one, but two zippers are present on her skin. This is a marvelous work by the artist. He has transformed the soft skin into a hard looking zipper as if the whole skin was worn by the model as a jacket over her skeleton. It is amazing how much authenticity he has been able to put in his body paint art. Really a commendable job.

category : AMAZING | ART

Body Paint Illusions #5 - Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio

Difficulty Popularity

What an innovative way to advertise the latest model of a car. The creative vision behind this illusion is worth taking our bow. If you look closely, there are so many models sitting aligned in the shape of the car. You will be shocked to find out that no Photoshop has been used in this image. It is purely a piece of art. Craig Tracy is the name of the artist who painted all these models if you want to Google more work by the artist.

category : AMAZING | ART

Body Paint Illusions #6 - Amazing Body Swan

Difficulty Popularity

This illusion that we have picked for you will blow your mind. Undoubtedly at the first look you were not able to acknowledge that it was a body of a model. Now you must be checking the image again right? This is the beauty of this body paint illusion. The artist has used the body of a model as a canvas to create an illusion of a swan. The artist's name is Gesine Marwedel and by all means this is an amazing illusion.

Body Paint Illusions #7 - Hyper Realistic Acrylic Masterpiece

Difficulty Popularity

You might have thought that it is an acrylic painting painted by some great artist. But what if we tell you that this is a real life model and what you are looking at is not a painting built a real life snap? You will be shocked right? You will watch it over and over again but you won't believe in us even then. Well if that I the case, you may Google the name Alexa Meade and you will know the truth. The artist is so phenomenal with her skills that it is just unbelievable for our minds when we are told that all what you see are real life objects and even real life model that have been painted to make them look like an acrylic painting.

Body Paint Illusions #8 - Liu Bolin Disappearing Act

Difficulty Popularity

Liu Bolin is an extremely famous illusionist popular for his disappearing illusions. The man's talent is unparalleled for sure. If you don't believe us, just look at the attached picture. At the first look most of the people will fail to recognize that there is a man standing in the picture. Liu paints himself to blend with the background efficiently. He is popularly known as the Vanishing Artist. This picture is taken at a supermarket in Beijing.

Body Paint Illusions #9 - Emma Hack's Camouflage Art

Difficulty Popularity

She is one of the most popular body paint artist in the world who portrays her skills through her camouflage art. Her work and artistic skills are exceptional as you can very well see in the attached picture. It will be hard to deduce and separate her from the background if you encounter her in real time randomly. Hats off for her amazing talent that leaves us speechless.

Body Paint Illusions #10 - Hungry Eye

Difficulty Popularity

What is happening? At first, we were left a tad bit confused about this illusion. But a closer look explained everything. We must say that the artist has done a remarkable job with this illusion. By no means can anyone deduce the fact that the eye has been painted over the lips and thus this scary effect is being imparted towards us. For a moment, you will actually be confused for sure. This is an excellent creativity for sure.

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