Optical Illusion : Clouds from Kettle's Mouth

How about a hot tea in the chilly winters? But wait, this kettle is so amazing. Instead of the vapors of the hot tea, it is emitting out the clouds. This illusion is a proof that we can find elements to create an illusion all around us. The one who clicked this picture merely had a thought after watching a cloud overhead and converted a simple cloud into an interesting illusion. We do hope you can create a lot more such illusions.

category : TRICKY | COOL


Optical Illusion : Same or Different Shades of Red?

Just look closely at the two given figures. Focus on the red dots. They are different shades right? Now just take this picture into any photo editing program and sample both the shades to receive a shock. The shades that looks so different are actually the same. So why does they look different? This is because of the different background shades that these two images have. Sometimes, our brain perceives things according to the background. This is an excellent example of the phenomenon.

category : LOGIC | TRICKY

Optical Illusion : Popular Find The Middle

Which one of the two fingers is pointing towards the center of the given figure?

category : LOGIC | TRICKY

Optical Illusion : Sailing on the Street

At least the pool of water looks tremendously realistic in this picture. The boat however looks like it has been painted which it has been but look at the water. The ripples, the reflection of sky, building as well as the sailing boat. They all are so realistic that no way you can say they have been painted till you actually go there and touch the picture yourself. The artist is touching a finger in the water portion and it feels like he is causing those ripples. Excellent detailing we must say.

category : ART | ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Blurred Dotted Circle

This illusion can also be categorized under non animated moving illusions and trippy illusions. So, we would humbly ask you to stop staring for long if you are not comfortable with trippy illusions. The illusion is simple and you don't need words to explain it. If you just look at the circle in the middle that has been blurred and try to move your eyes, you will find that the circle is moving or probably the dots inside the circle are moving. Once there, you won't be able to make it stop. Just try it out and tell us.

category : TRIPPY

Optical Illusion : Realistic Dog Tag Sketch

You will think that he is holding the chain of the dog tag between his fingers. But then if you look at the dog tag, you will feel that it is a sketch. So what sorcery has the artist done here? Well actually, the whole of the picture you see has been sketched by him. This is the beauty of 3d sketching and we believe that he has done a good job merging the 3d sketching with the basic two dimensional sketch. Also, a bullet appears to be a complementary object along with the main sketch or did he want it to appear tough?

category : ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Alternate Shadow

Now people can find several metaphors in this picture however, we will not try to bore you with that stuff. It is purely an illusion for us and we will see it like that only. So what's happening is that you can see a bird sitting and wondering something. However the shadow in front of the bird has its wings wide open. So how does it appear so? Well, there is a simple explanation to that. There is a bird flying on the top and the photograph is such greatly timed that it falls right where the shadow of the original bird is overlapping it. This gives birth to the illusion you are seeing right now.

category : AMAZING

Optical Illusion : Beautiful Heart Shaped Cloud

How will you feel if this is what you see when you look out of your window on a lazy Sunday morning? Some might refer to this as the god's way of saying that he loves you. Some might perceive it as a sign straight from the cupid. The loving couples might get excited looking at it and feel loved. Different people and different perceptions. But all together, the heart shaped cloud undeniably looks like a perfect start for the day.

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Fierce Tiger's Face

At the first look, you might not even acknowledge how many people are present in this illusion. But all you will see is how amazingly the artist has succeeded in creating the illusion of a Tiger's mouth. You can't help but marvel at the fine details the artist has put it. Look closely. There are three girls in this picture and they have been shifted together so as to form a three dimensional face. Amazing right?

Optical Illusion : Touching the Moon

This guy has achieved what might be a dream of so many. He has touched the moon. This illusion is really awesome. There are so many things that are involved to make it believable and appear so amazing. The biker guy must have been stunting. The bike is merely in the air and the camera angle is so perfect that it really feels that he is touching the moon. The camera angle and the timing was most important is creating this illusion and that has been done neatly.

Optical Illusion : Peeking Eyes under the Sheet

Remember the cartoons you saw as a child? How many times have you seen such a scene? Even in the horror movies or the animated movies these days, you can find such a situation where someone picks up the bed sheet and finds two eyes staring back from under. The same illusion has been created here. The only difference is that this is merely a two dimensional sketch whereas it appears to exist in three dimensions. The folds make it look quite realistic and that is where the artist has done a good job. This is the basic level and you can begin here if you wish to create some of your own 3d sketches.

category : ART | 3D

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