Optical Illusion : Paradox Staircase

This is quite a popular illusion and you might have found it at so many places on the internet. How could we refrain from putting it on our site then? Yes it looks absolutely normal on the first glance. But just observe and analyze the image carefully. Do you think you can ever come up with a real life version of it? Can it even exist anywhere other than a virtual medium? Of course it can't. It is an example of paradox figures and by all means, it contradicts whatever it suggest itself.

category : IMPOSSIBLE


Optical Illusion : Astronauts forming Skull

We are back with another Skull Illusion for our readers. You can easily spot two astronauts in the picture right? Or were you too lost into the skull that has been formed using them with the background? Someone has done an amazing job with this illusion. The background is of moon and serves well as the head of the skull. It might have been optimized but the end result is just amazing right?

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Cannibal Giant at Beach

Somebody stop this cannibal from eating the pretty lady! Yes we know that all you wanted was to rescue this lady from this man who is all set to eat her up. What a wonderful illusion the photographer has created here. It is surely worth mentioning here. Can somebody clarify it is a real illusion or photoshopped afterwards? If this has done live, then this is really something. It is another example how playful you can be when you visit a beach next time.

Optical Illusion : Famous Scintillating Grid Illusion

Can you count the number of black dots in the picture?

Optical Illusion : Spiders on the Roof 3D Art

Now that is something creepy. The giant spiders crawling over the roof makes us think that we are living in Hogwarts right? This artist deserves a salute from us for hi amazing talent. There is no way that you can say that this pair of spiders is not real if you look from the bird eye view. It will be interesting to see how they look while you stand on the roof though.

Optical Illusion : Beautiful Flowers or Beautiful Face

We are sure that you must have seen similar illusions all over the internet. But we could not help but add this illusion. It is quite simple but at the same time defines the true meaning of ambiguous illusions. But let us clarify that it is an art and not an original picture. Can you perceive both flowers and a face in this picture? We really liked how a butterfly is also added into the picture which is adding details to the perception of the face. Probably without it, the illusion might not have been looked as effective as it is looking now.

Optical Illusion : Two Faces Or Vase

What do you see in the given picture ?

Optical Illusion : Classic Skull Art

Now this art looks straight out from the vintage times. The picture portrays a woman looking at her own reflection in a hand mirror while sitting in a room. Of course there are a lot of other objects and we leave them to be explored by you all. But we would like to emphasize here on the illusion that has been created magnificently by the artist. Can you spot a skull in this image? Just try to place the head of the woman and the mirror as the eyes of the skull and the chair armrest as the teeth. You found it right? Hats off to the artist.

category : ART

Optical Illusion : Cool Rotating Gears

Can you find the gears slowly rotating?

category : COOL | MOVING

Optical Illusion : Terrifying Bounty Hunter

The picture that we have added is self-explanatory but it is still our job to explain you what you have to notice in this picture. There is a bounty hunter that is pointing his gun at you. Yes we know that you know that. But just try to tilt your head away from the screen. You can go sideways or vertically but wherever you move your head, he will still be aiming his gun at you. Is the gun moving? That Bounty Hunter is surely going to hit you today. Isn't this illusion quite creepy?

Optical Illusion : Hidden Face under Pebbles

This picture appears to be a top view of tons of pebbles. It could exist anywhere but what is so special about these pebbles? Can you spot a face in these pebbles? If you look carefully at the center, you will see that the pebbles are forming facial features like eyes, nose and lips clearly and there is a faint hint of the overall outline of a face as well. Now this is clearly a Photoshop edited image but the overall illusion is nice.

category : FACE

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