Optical Illusion : Fountain out of Mouth

This illusion is so simple and yet so awesome. The placement of the lady and the erupting fountain behind her aligned with her mouth produces an amazingly fun illusion. I bet most of us have been around such fountains so many times, but we never thought of doing something like this. We are sure you will, the next time you visit any such place.

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Optical Illusion : Holding My Own Head

Of course if you add a bit of lighting here in this picture after converting it into a night scene, it will appear to be scary instead of funny. For now, it looks pretty amusing also because of the fact that you already know it is an illusion. So how was this achieved? We are guessing that the head belongs to someone else who is standing in front of the person. The missing head might be hidden inside the pullover. But that's just one explanation. Do you have something other than this? Do make use of the comments if you have found out something else.

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Lifting Sun like Hercules

We know Hercules actually lifted the earth and not the sun. But by the title, we are just implying the strength part here. Of course, this illusion have some flaws and we are telling you that so that you can create an even better illusion yourself. The hands are going inside the body of sun and only if they were a little low in height, it would have looked much more impressive. But still, the creativity is nice and we appreciate the thinking.

Optical Illusion : Spiraling Dots

Before you move forward to look at the illusion with concentration, we would like to warn you that it can also be categorized under trippy illusions, so proceed with caution if you are prone to nausea while concentrating at such images for long. Now, if you see this image, you can find the dots spiraling down towards the center. So what is responsible for this illusion? If you look closely, the dots are drawn in a spiral form. The size is decreasing as you go down. Also, contrasted shades has been used. Together they combine to give the final result that you are perceiving in the image.

category : COOL | TRIPPY

Optical Illusion : Paradoxical Formation

Although it is a virtually created image, we guess that it serves the purpose of paradox illusions quite well and is also a bit unique in its own manner (although projects the same you have seen so many times). The figure appears to be three dimensional. But to be that stretched, it must not begin and end at the same levels. However clearly in the image, both the beginning and end of the pattern is on the same surface. Is it just us or do you also believe that the sky background behind it is adding so much depth to the final illusion effect?

category : IMPOSSIBLE

Optical Illusion : Impossible Fence Construction

This illusion is so cool. Created with the help of computer generated imagery and rendered to surprise us, this illusion is a great work. You know that this is a CG illusion and yet you can't help but wonder how this illusion was achieved. Of course it cannot be practically created but you can't help yourself in thinking of the possibilities.

Optical Illusion : Mati Suri Movie Poster

Even we have not heard about this movie but we are sure that B horror movie fans must have. Do drop in your comments for our readers if you have seen this movie or know about it. Let us now concentrate on what we are here for i.e. the illusion created by the poster. We think that the skull is evident in this poster. The beauty about the illusion is how naturally it has been created. The operation room headlights has been used to create most of the skull while the surgeons' heads acts as eyes and imparting the proper shape. A cadaver has been used to form the teeth. It is really awesome right?

Optical Illusion : Robotic Man

A matter of excellent timing or an excellent angle? Well we can say that both matters here. It appears at the first look that the person sitting is actually a robot or at least a robot faced. The picture is clicked from behind the holding bars and that is the reason why it looks like that. So any other angle or any odd timing would have ruined this illusion. If you liked the illusion, do not forget to share it among your friends. Sharing is caring.

category : FUNNY | COOL

Optical Illusion : Lost in Thoughts Couple

There is no need for us to explain anything to you in this illusion. We think you have already got the idea. There is a pile of garbage that has been kept on the floor. When light was thrown, this is what was obtained in the shadow. Of course it is not a coincidence. An artist actually worked hard for creating it. By looking at the facial features like nose and lips, you might wonder how this can be possible. But the artist did it. A lot of hard work and patience must be behind the project. The pigeons in the front are merely adding a reality touch to the picture.

category : AMAZING

Optical Illusion : Buttoned Up Body Art

It is true that as the winter arrives, you have to button up your clothes so you can conserve your body heat. But look at this guy. We are sure that no one would want to button up his own skin right? Whoever has created this magnificent body art illusion has done a great deal of efforts to put in details especially if you see the stitched portion. You can clearly see the depth and yes anyone will be scared at first if you are a fan of those B horror movies.

category : ART

Optical Illusion : Weird Triangle

If you look in the center region of this image, you will see that the things are moving endlessly. The lines appear to be flickering and it won't stop. We assure you that it is a plain image file with no in built animations. The way the pattern has been put together creates a virtual animation effect that is perceived by our eyes. Did you enjoy this illusion? Do not forget to share it with your friends.

category : TRIPPY

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