Optical Illusion : Identity Movie Poster

Identity is a really well made mystery thriller. It will leave you guessing till the end and when the final revelation is made, it will give you a big shock. Let us concentrate on this amazing poster of the movie. Of course it is a hand which suits well with the title of the movie. But what else can you find? There is a face on the palm. The five fingers also portrays a distinct figure of possibly the leads of the movie (though nothing is clear). We are wondering why such creativity in the posters is seen only in the horror movies?

category : ART | PERCEPTION


Optical Illusion : Peeking Eyes under the Sheet

Remember the cartoons you saw as a child? How many times have you seen such a scene? Even in the horror movies or the animated movies these days, you can find such a situation where someone picks up the bed sheet and finds two eyes staring back from under. The same illusion has been created here. The only difference is that this is merely a two dimensional sketch whereas it appears to exist in three dimensions. The folds make it look quite realistic and that is where the artist has done a good job. This is the basic level and you can begin here if you wish to create some of your own 3d sketches.

category : ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Ship with Scraped Metal

So, we have come up with another scraped metal shadow illusion. This time, it is a ship, a huge sailing ship. Again, if you look at the scraped and welded metal, nothing is clear. No one can have any idea why the metal pieces have been welded in this manner. But the moment you throw light on the scraped metal, you find a shadow on the opposite side that is enough to sweep you off your feet. A huge ship is what you see and then comes the wondering. How is this even possible? Well you have to ask the artist for the explanation.

category : AMAZING

Optical Illusion : Trippy Checkers Pattern

This is an old trick. Even you can create this pattern. But first of all, what do you feel while looking at the illusion. Stare at the center of the image and then move your eyes to the surrounding areas and you will feel the pattern to be moving and it is actually quite trippy. It won't stop until you look away or close the tab. The trick if you want to create one yourself is to stretch the tiny square as you move out of the center. Give it a try and tell us if you were able to achieve it.

category : TRIPPY

Optical Illusion : Statue of Liberty Carved Pumpkin

Ah! It might be a nice feeling for the US people. The artist even carved out the torch and placed it on the stool to offer a complete picture that looks quite effective. We shall not talk about the quality of this work as you can already see how finely the artist has done the carving emphasizing on each and every detail that are present in the original statue. This is a good job done by the artist for sure.

category : COOL | ART

Optical Illusion : Famous Sander

Which of the blue lines is longer than the other?

Optical Illusion : Popular Waving Beans

In this illusion, you can find the beans waving like the sea waves. The color combination is a key to the overall effect. It gives the underlying effect of the ocean over which the beans are waving.

Optical Illusion : One Missed Call Movie Poster

One missed call is a Hollywood remake of a Japanese horror. While the original movie spawned a total of three installments, this remake could only come up with one. The reason was the inferior quality of the movie. Just for the suggestion, do not watch this remake and opt for the original instead. Coming to the illusion, this surly appears to be a disfigured and spooky face but just concentrate on it a bit more. Can you see two faces with mouth wide open that is sufficing as the eyes of the main face? This is a great job done by the artist who has created this poster.

category : ART | FACE

Optical Illusion : Rafting on the Street

Wow was our first expression after watching this amazing illusion. These two people are rafting live on the street. But how did a canal opened up on the street and gave way to a river with such a roaring flow of water? Well actually it's all an art. Just the people in this picture are real. Everything else you see has been painted on the road. The details are just amazing and it looks like both of them are enjoying the rafting. But are they not aware of the alligator waiting just for them on the other end? Well, the alligator looks creepy frankly and his eye shows his sinister intentions.

category : ART | ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Magical Rainbow in the Sky

This is a simple illusion but we promise you that the result is likely to put a smile on your face. Yeah right that is what some of the illusions are meant for. So, there is an image on rainbow below. If you spot a black dot, you're good to go. Just stare at that black dot concentrating a bit for about twenty five seconds. Now immediately look at the sky. What do you see? You will be able to see a rainbow in the sky if you do it right. Interesting right?

category : COOL

Optical Illusion : Waving Acid Blobs

Now this trippy illusion can definitely give some people a headache. Thus, it is advisable not to look for longer duration. At the first moment itself, you can see the blobs waving as if they were placed over a wave. Do you see something else than the mere waving? Do post in your comments if you do.

category : COOL | TRIPPY

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