Optical Illusion : Magical Flying Carpet

What! That carpet is flying for real? You must have been shocked at the first look. Seems like this picture has been taken from one of those street magic shows. But when you will find the reason behind this illusion, you will be amazed at the creativity of the photographer. Can you find a blue flag in the picture? The shadow which appears to be made by the carpet is actually the shadow cast by that flag. Isn't it amazing?


Optical Illusion : Touching the Moon

This guy has achieved what might be a dream of so many. He has touched the moon. This illusion is really awesome. There are so many things that are involved to make it believable and appear so amazing. The biker guy must have been stunting. The bike is merely in the air and the camera angle is so perfect that it really feels that he is touching the moon. The camera angle and the timing was most important is creating this illusion and that has been done neatly.

Optical Illusion : Creative Sun Lamp

This guy is using the sun as a lamp and trying to read what maybe his favorite book. Full marks for the creativity here. The tripod is kept at the perfect place and the sun is merging with it perfectly. The guy is even holding a wire adding more details to it. The idea of holding a book was really good and has made it look impressive. Who knows if it would not have looks so good without it? Yes, you will need accessories to create such an illusion but we hope you get an idea and can create something different of your own.

Optical Illusion : Irregular Floor of a Gaming Store

This picture has been taken inside a gaming store in Paris. By seeing the carpet you might get a feeling that the store is built on an irregular surface and might want to check your steps while walking. But in reality the surface is as plane as it can get. So why does you perceive it as an irregular surface where you might trip while walking? It is because of the lines that have been printed over the carpet. The lines are curved and stretched in a manner that gives an illusion that the floor surface is irregular.

Optical Illusion : Statue of Liberty Carved Pumpkin

Ah! It might be a nice feeling for the US people. The artist even carved out the torch and placed it on the stool to offer a complete picture that looks quite effective. We shall not talk about the quality of this work as you can already see how finely the artist has done the carving emphasizing on each and every detail that are present in the original statue. This is a good job done by the artist for sure.

category : COOL | ART

Optical Illusion : Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds Carving

We are not sure how many of you are familiar with the movie The Birds by the master of horror and thrillers Alfred Hitchcock. If you don't know about it, just Google it and see how the poster looks like. This carving has been done is a similar fashion and pays a tribute to the legend and his masterpiece. It's crazy really. We can only imagine how much efforts would have been required for such a complex carving. Great job done by the artist for sure.

category : ART

Optical Illusion : One Missed Call Movie Poster

One missed call is a Hollywood remake of a Japanese horror. While the original movie spawned a total of three installments, this remake could only come up with one. The reason was the inferior quality of the movie. Just for the suggestion, do not watch this remake and opt for the original instead. Coming to the illusion, this surly appears to be a disfigured and spooky face but just concentrate on it a bit more. Can you see two faces with mouth wide open that is sufficing as the eyes of the main face? This is a great job done by the artist who has created this poster.

category : ART | FACE

Optical Illusion : Vanishing Surfaces

You might have already understood what you have to do right? You just have to stare at the black dot in the middle. Stare it long enough concentrating on nothing else except the dot and you will find that the blue surfaces disappear suddenly. Although, the image might have looked so simple to you in the beginning, the final effect of the illusion is really something right? We are sure that the people who like disappearing effects, will like this simple yet powerful illusion.

category : COOL

Optical Illusion : Creative Divorce Lawyer Ad

Now this is one of the most innovative ad we have ever seen. To reach the second floor, one will take the lift and will see a happy newly married couple on the elevator door. But wait. What will he see once the door opens? The happy couple split to give away a board on the other end where the name and profession of the divorce lawyer is present. Now, this advertisement is the work of an illusion as you can see it was not possible without the opening doors that create an illusion that the couple is separating. Clever and unique we must say.

Optical Illusion : Hidden Face in Waves

Now we do believe that all of you must have experienced this quite often if you live on the coastlines. When you look at the waves, it often occurs that some shapes and even face some times is formed by the waves. What you are looking here is a touched up image and alterations have been done to bring out a proper face. It looks amazing. In real life, this type of illusion is much subtle without forming the detailed expressions.

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