Optical Illusion : Juggling the Sun

In this illusion, we take you to a beautiful sunset scenery. While most of the people would have marveled at the sight of this amazing view of sunset, look at what this guy is up to. Hats off to the imagination of the guy and the one who clicked this amazing picture. It is creating an illusion that the guy in the picture is juggling with the sun. Now that is a mighty thing to do don't you feel? It gives you an idea of how you can use the sunset for creating an illusion.

category : COOL | AMAZING


Optical Illusion : Scary Pumpkin Carving

By all means, this pumpkin looks quite scary. We wonder if anybody is exposed to this sight at night, will he be scared or very scared. Gosh! Look at those fangs. It looks like he is all set to gulp down his next target or may be suck that damn blood from the victim. Other than the scary facial features, the artist has carved the entire pumpkin which is evident from this view of the camera. Most of the people just carve on one front but he has done quite some efforts to do it all the way round and the result is amazing.

category : ART

Optical Illusion : Real Circle Shape-Distortion

There is a red circle in between the figure. Do you think it is a real circle or is it distorted?

Optical Illusion : Spiraling Dots

Before you move forward to look at the illusion with concentration, we would like to warn you that it can also be categorized under trippy illusions, so proceed with caution if you are prone to nausea while concentrating at such images for long. Now, if you see this image, you can find the dots spiraling down towards the center. So what is responsible for this illusion? If you look closely, the dots are drawn in a spiral form. The size is decreasing as you go down. Also, contrasted shades has been used. Together they combine to give the final result that you are perceiving in the image.

category : COOL | TRIPPY

Optical Illusion : Realistic Dog Tag Sketch

You will think that he is holding the chain of the dog tag between his fingers. But then if you look at the dog tag, you will feel that it is a sketch. So what sorcery has the artist done here? Well actually, the whole of the picture you see has been sketched by him. This is the beauty of 3d sketching and we believe that he has done a good job merging the 3d sketching with the basic two dimensional sketch. Also, a bullet appears to be a complementary object along with the main sketch or did he want it to appear tough?

category : ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Statue Trumpet Blowing Clouds

Alright, someone has got a great creativity and sense of perspective or camera angle. Of course if you were present at the place and were looking from some different direction, you would not have been able to see it like this. The photographer chose this specific angle to create the illusion that you are watching right now. But to decide the camera angle, you must first have a creative mind to think about it in that sense. It feels as if the clouds are coming out through the trumpet. Definitely a good cloud illusion.

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Creating clouds from Deodorant Bottle

You might have gazed at the clouds so many times. They certainly brighten up the mood on those hot sunny days. Have you ever thought of creating an illusion from the same? The person who clicked this snap is certainly more creative than you if you haven't. It actually looks like he is creating clouds pressing the nozzle of his deodorant bottle. Doesn't it look quite cool as an illusion? But now you have an idea and you can very well do the same to impress your friends.

category : COOL | PERCEPTION

Optical Illusion : Creepy Tree

This image has surly been modified a little. But the result is excellent and it does not appear as fake. Even without the skull illusion this tree would have looked creepy enough but that illusion has made it even more eerie. Now it can surly be used as a movie poster of any horror movie. How did you find this skull illusion? Do leave your feedback in the comments section and don't forget to share it if you liked it.

Optical Illusion : Boat Rowers on Eyelash

This is one of the most unique body paint illusion that we have ever come across. The sheer creativity makes it worth all the praise. Using just two colors and placing the art at a perfect place, the artist has done a commendable job undoubtedly. So fashion divas, what are you waiting for? Probably this illusion can bring upon a new trend. But this is just one of the example. We are wondering about so many other possibilities as well.

Optical Illusion : The Wrinkled Face Pumpkin

This is a unique thing. The person is acting as if he is actually holding the face skin. However, the carving has been done in a fashion that imparts the look that you're getting here. Other than that, just look at the detailing the artist has given to this pumpkin. The eyes, nose and even the lips are so realistic that one can't believe easily that this is not a computer generated image but a real carving. Some artists go way beyond our imagination and the output is what you are seeing here. It is amazing in every sense.

category : ART | FACE

Optical Illusion : Giant Sunglasses

So, this man is making some hard efforts to lift the giant sunglasses that have probably come out from the fantasy world of Gulliver. The expressions are just amazing, making it so much believable. Of course the sunglasses are of normal size. The trick here is that someone is holding the sunglasses close to the lens. It is therefore appearing so giant. The man is standing at a distance and just enacting the whole thing. Perspective can offer you some astonishing results. It's just a matter of how you play with it.

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