Optical Illusion : Sinister Eye

Now this is just a normal picture taken inside a forest. But through the excellent capture of lens, doesn't the picture appear to be ending in an eye formation? It is kind of creepy when you realize such a thing after you have clicked the picture. We don't know if it was intentional or done deliberately by the photographer after analyzing through naked eyes. But the final result is impressive anyhow.

category : ANAMORPHIC


Optical Illusion : Gorgeous Girl Afterimage

You might have seen endless afterimage illusions of so many celebrities. It all began with the Jesus Illusion and then the social media sites were flooded with such illusions. This is a similar kind of illusion. We have a gorgeous girl for you in this illusion. She might appear as a clown with that red blog on her nose. But that is where you have to stare and long enough (a minute or half a minute). After you are done, look at the white space on the right and blink your eyes to see a gorgeous girl.

category : COOL

Optical Illusion : Dragon Coffee Foam Art

Now this seems like an angry fire breathing dragon. But who knows, it can be a friendly one straight out from the movie how to train your dragon. The thing to concentrate here is that the artist has done a marvelous job even though the strokes are simple. Can you try creating a similar art yourself? Probably it will be much easier to make the rest of the body when compared to the head. But anyhow, we do appreciate the creativity of the artist.

category : COOL | ART

Optical Illusion : Sitting on a Giant Beer Mug

Can you identify what all in this picture is part of the painting and what all is realistic? The mug of course has been painted. But what about the girl sitting on the top of the froth. Can she be real sitting at a distance? Or she is the part of this illusion? Even we are confuse over that. The girl is likely to be painted but for some reasons, she appears to be real. Only the artist can clarify our doubt. What do you have to say in this matter? The illusion is a good one on the other hand, the beer mug stands tall from this camera angle.

category : ART | ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Ship with Scraped Metal

So, we have come up with another scraped metal shadow illusion. This time, it is a ship, a huge sailing ship. Again, if you look at the scraped and welded metal, nothing is clear. No one can have any idea why the metal pieces have been welded in this manner. But the moment you throw light on the scraped metal, you find a shadow on the opposite side that is enough to sweep you off your feet. A huge ship is what you see and then comes the wondering. How is this even possible? Well you have to ask the artist for the explanation.

category : AMAZING

Optical Illusion : Scary Kids Snap

You might be feeling that it is a cool family picture right? These kids look so happy together, then what can be scary about this picture? Try deducing it yourself first before we tell you in the next line what you have to do. So you've given up already? Alright then, take this image and try it rotating in any image viewer. You'll be shocked to find something that you had not seen earlier. It was scary right? Whoever has manipulated the picture has done a great job.

category : FACE

Optical Illusion : Cannibal Giant at Beach

Somebody stop this cannibal from eating the pretty lady! Yes we know that all you wanted was to rescue this lady from this man who is all set to eat her up. What a wonderful illusion the photographer has created here. It is surely worth mentioning here. Can somebody clarify it is a real illusion or photoshopped afterwards? If this has done live, then this is really something. It is another example how playful you can be when you visit a beach next time.

Optical Illusion : Waterfall out of Water Bottle

The illusion that this person has been able to achieve is truly remarkable. At the first look, you might feel that the water is actually falling from the bottle. But take a closer look, it is not a water flow but a water fall that is emerging out of the bottle. The placement of the bottle, the angle and perspective and the ability of the one who clicked the picture makes this illusion look stunning. You can try such illusions yourself. Do stop by a waterfall next time to take one of your own.

Optical Illusion : Creative VHS Tapes Skull

Now this is really the mother of creativity. Someone has really done a lot of hard work creating this awesome skull illusion. But that really paid off right? The skull is really evident in the image at the first look itself. And he has made it all using the VHS tapes. Look at the image closely and you won't find anything else. Now that is really amazing. Hats off to the creativity and efforts of the artist.

category : AMAZING | ART

Optical Illusion : Parallel Lines Shape-Distortion

What about the red lines? Do you think they are straight and parallel?

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