Optical Illusion : Giant Girl in Pool

This illusion is just a camera trick. Sure, the girl appears so giant in comparison with the swimmers inside the pool. It looks like the girl is sitting over the pool and probably will gulp down any tiny swimmer that comes near her. Of course the cute smile tells a different tale. She is probably jumping into the pool while a picture is clicked. So why does she appear so giant? Just notice the distance between her and camera and between other swimmers and camera. No you know why right?

category : COOL


Optical Illusion : Impossible Cube Paradox

You must have figured out what has gone wrong in this picture the moment you looked at it right? It has been manipulated to form a paradox. If you try to create any real life hollow cube like this, the edges will never overlap like this. It can only be done virtually however by no means it is possible in real world. That is the motto of paradox illusions and we really think that this image serves the purpose well.

category : IMPOSSIBLE

Optical Illusion : Wiping Man's Nose

Now this is one of the hilarious ones. Excellent timing we must say. It appears like the man who is wiping the poster clean is actually wiping his nose or scratching it. The expressions of the man in the picture makes it look so much realistic. It appears as if he is being irritate by the man who is wiping as he is picking on his nose. Of course, he is just cleaning the poster and he does not even know that he is being clicked at this particular moment. But we are sure he will have a good laugh after someone shows him this picture.

Optical Illusion : Peeking Eyes under the Sheet

Remember the cartoons you saw as a child? How many times have you seen such a scene? Even in the horror movies or the animated movies these days, you can find such a situation where someone picks up the bed sheet and finds two eyes staring back from under. The same illusion has been created here. The only difference is that this is merely a two dimensional sketch whereas it appears to exist in three dimensions. The folds make it look quite realistic and that is where the artist has done a good job. This is the basic level and you can begin here if you wish to create some of your own 3d sketches.

category : ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Amazing Rope Distortion

In the given figure, is the rope a single and straight line?

Optical Illusion : Touching the Moon

This guy has achieved what might be a dream of so many. He has touched the moon. This illusion is really awesome. There are so many things that are involved to make it believable and appear so amazing. The biker guy must have been stunting. The bike is merely in the air and the camera angle is so perfect that it really feels that he is touching the moon. The camera angle and the timing was most important is creating this illusion and that has been done neatly.

Optical Illusion : Spot the Scary Thing

At the first look, this image just shows a few dead branches with some grass. It is pretty normal and you might have across such things walking into the forests and the farms. But if you can spot the thing, you will be scare to do that now. Concentrate on the image and you will definitely be able to find it. If you were not able to, then try a few times more and then read further. There is a creepy giant spider in this image camouflaged perfectly. So next time you are having an adventurous walk into the forests, beware before stepping in such areas.

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Cool House Window

You probably would never have imagined the plain and simple window to create such an illusion. This illusion was created by Valentin Dubinin. What strikes you the first? For most of the people, it would be the broken glasses of the window. But then you will find all the impossibilities in this single image. No doubt it is a masterpiece and tells you the possibilities from different angles within itself.

Optical Illusion : The Descent Movie Poster

Now this is a movie that most of you might not have heard of. The descent is a horror movie which is a really well made movie if you are interested in a genre. The leads of the movie has been used creatively indeed in this poster. If you pay attention, you can see a skull forming. The center bodies act as eyes and their shoes act as the teeth. The surrounding bodies are forming the skull. While the poster also gives a hint at the macabre you can expect in the movie, it portrays a deadly skull through the leads.

category : ART | PERCEPTION

Optical Illusion : The Natural Light Bulb

Probably after seeing this illusion, you will say that even you can do it. But the fact is that you never did it. The concept and idea behind this illusion is surely worth mentioning. This guy surely has a great creative mind. The light that you see inside the bulb is actually the sun that is far distant out of the focus in the picture. The bulb is focused and thus you see the final effect which is the result of a proper positioning and angle of camera while clicking the picture.

Optical Illusion : Statue of Liberty Carved Pumpkin

Ah! It might be a nice feeling for the US people. The artist even carved out the torch and placed it on the stool to offer a complete picture that looks quite effective. We shall not talk about the quality of this work as you can already see how finely the artist has done the carving emphasizing on each and every detail that are present in the original statue. This is a good job done by the artist for sure.

category : COOL | ART

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