Optical Illusion : Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio

What an innovative way to advertise the latest model of a car. The creative vision behind this illusion is worth taking our bow. If you look closely, there are so many models sitting aligned in the shape of the car. You will be shocked to find out that no Photoshop has been used in this image. It is purely a piece of art. Craig Tracy is the name of the artist who painted all these models if you want to Google more work by the artist.

category : AMAZING | ART


Optical Illusion : Stripping on Street

One has to be crazy to strip like that in public. People do anything to grab the attention of the masses. This is one of such cases. Well not in a wrong manner of course. What we said is how the photographer wants us to perceive things. The truth is however that she is not stripping. What you see emerging out of her sweatshirt is actually her elbow. She has folded her arm in a manner that is stimulating your dirty brains. A commendable job if done voluntarily but a funny mistake if done involuntarily.

Optical Illusion : Funny Broken Elevator Floor

These two friends are holding the sides of the elevator with one hand and holding each other's hand with the other. The reason is simple. The elevator floor is broken or has just broken down leaving them stranded inside. But they are laughing right. This is because they are just posing for the same. Nothing has broken down and it's just a 3d art that you see on the elevator floor. The artist has done a good job but probably these girls could have expressed fear instead of excitement to make it more impressive.

category : ART

Optical Illusion : Waterfall Crafting Mother Nature

This is an amazing picture. The waterfall has crafted Mother Nature into the rocks. It feels like she is diving inside the sea along with the falling water. The entire face and hands joined above the head are visible clearly. Some of you might say that the image has been tweaked to define the shape. It can be possible as the source is unknown to us. But the illusion is impressive and can be purely a nature's art as well.

Optical Illusion : Big Feet Man

This man here has got some exceptionally giant feet as compared to his body. And look at his expressions. It's like he just woke up to find them so giant. It is funny right? Now to reveal this illusion, the shoes are actually quite close to the camera and thus they appear so big. So how come he has his feet inside them? Well he does not have them inside. His feet are just hidden behind the shoes. We just perceive it like that because that's what camera asks us to do.

Optical Illusion : Mutant Man

This illusion is really scary. For a few seconds you would not be able to believe your eyes and you will think that it is a modified image. But let us tell you that this is a real image. There is nothing edited in it. It looks believable because the man who is bending is wearing pants that match with the color of blazer the other guy is wearing. If you take your eyes from the upper portion of the photo and look at the bottom, you will find another leg which belongs to the man standing behind. That's the truth behind this illusion. They are actually two people. The positioning and the camera angle is responsible for what you are perceiving.

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Fountain out of Mouth

This illusion is so simple and yet so awesome. The placement of the lady and the erupting fountain behind her aligned with her mouth produces an amazingly fun illusion. I bet most of us have been around such fountains so many times, but we never thought of doing something like this. We are sure you will, the next time you visit any such place.

category : FUNNY | COOL

Optical Illusion : Stunning Anamorphic Sculpture

This is one of the most stunning anamorphic structure we have ever come across. Just think about the calculations that are necessary before creating such an illusion. This process cannot just rely on artistic hands but also requires a lot of patience and computing. The sculptor Jonty Hurwitz does computing before he begins sculpting such anamorphic illusions. The output is simply fabulous. Search for the artist for more of such illusions by him.

Optical Illusion : Light Bulb Afterglow

Just stare with full concentration on the bulb for about a minute. But before that open up a white space (notepad, word, paint etc.) on the side of the image. Now after you stare for a minute, quickly move your eyes on the white space. Do you see anything?

category : COOL | AMAZING

Optical Illusion : Alternate Shadow

Now people can find several metaphors in this picture however, we will not try to bore you with that stuff. It is purely an illusion for us and we will see it like that only. So what's happening is that you can see a bird sitting and wondering something. However the shadow in front of the bird has its wings wide open. So how does it appear so? Well, there is a simple explanation to that. There is a bird flying on the top and the photograph is such greatly timed that it falls right where the shadow of the original bird is overlapping it. This gives birth to the illusion you are seeing right now.

category : AMAZING

Optical Illusion : Uneven Circle

You might have seen so many similar illusions so far if you love them. This is another one of those distorted illusions that you have already seen with some variations. The circle amidst the distorted lines appears to be uneven as well. However that is not truth and only an illusion. The distorted lines themselves are responsible in creating this illusion. The lines are drawn in different directions and thus the circle appears to be distorted in several directions. If they would have been in the same direction, the circle might have appeared regular.

category : TRICKY

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