Optical Illusion : Paradoxical Formation

Although it is a virtually created image, we guess that it serves the purpose of paradox illusions quite well and is also a bit unique in its own manner (although projects the same you have seen so many times). The figure appears to be three dimensional. But to be that stretched, it must not begin and end at the same levels. However clearly in the image, both the beginning and end of the pattern is on the same surface. Is it just us or do you also believe that the sky background behind it is adding so much depth to the final illusion effect?

category : IMPOSSIBLE


Optical Illusion : Sitting on Commode

Now, this is one interesting shadow illusion. On the wall, you can see a person sitting on the commode and lost in his own thoughts. But the reality is completely different when you look at what is making the shadow. There are three people and a rectangle box. Together, they are taking a position that makes the shadow on the wall. Looking at their faces, you can guess how much they are enjoying their little activity. This is kind of a thing that you can try as well. See if you can come up with something as interesting as this.

category : FUNNY | COOL

Optical Illusion : Famous Zollner

Parallel or not? What do you have to say about the black lines?

Optical Illusion : Smashed Elevator Door

It looks like someone has torn apart this elevator door. It also looks like someone smashed the door from the inside. A powerful super strength punch probably? You will be shocked to hear that this is actually a paint art. Yes you read it absolutely right. Someone has 3d painted the elevator door in a manner that it looks smashed from the inside. Well, it is too realistic and we want to applause for the artist who has done this job. We wonder how many people would have stopped at the door seeing this for the first time.

category : COOL | ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Lips or a Leaf

This illusion will work best if you look at this image from a distance. From up close, you can see the rough outlines of the leaves but from a distance, you won't be able to trace them and then you will have a hard time deciding whether this picture is of a leaf or a close up of supple lips. The color of leaf (or it may have been colored artificially) is a big contributor to the overall ambiguous effect.

Optical Illusion : Musical Instrument or a Face

This is a beautiful piece of art. You can see the musical instrument in this picture. Two strings have been broken but they form a crucial part of the other image we are perceiving through this illusion. That images is of a beautiful women's face. The shape of the instrument is forming the curves of the face while the torn strings act as the hair strands falling over her face. The background of cloudy sky makes this overall illusion extremely serene.

category : ART | FACE

Optical Illusion : Waving Acid Blobs

Now this trippy illusion can definitely give some people a headache. Thus, it is advisable not to look for longer duration. At the first moment itself, you can see the blobs waving as if they were placed over a wave. Do you see something else than the mere waving? Do post in your comments if you do.

category : COOL | TRIPPY

Optical Illusion : Tree With Face

Its a example of skillful hands of mother nature.

By looking the photo we may befuddle
"Is it a Tree or a face of a man ?"
"Is it is man made or normal ?"

The tree has had its branches shaped so it takes after a face.
It makes a fascinating picture and makes you consider what this tree would look like with leaves on it.

Optical Illusion : Amazing Dog with Wings

Sometimes, all you need to create a perfect outdoor illusion is a camera ready to snap a picture at the right moment. In the attached illusion, you can say the same. It is an extremely popular outdoor illusion that you might have seen in so many social media sites and circulating picture messages in the messengers. But yes, if the person who clicked it had not used this camera angle at the right moment, this illusion would have failed. So now, you can see a normal dog with wings on the beach. How cool a sight.

category : TRICKY | AMAZING

Optical Illusion : Tricky Same Color Shades

The block A seems darker than the block B. Is it really darker?

Optical Illusion : Famous Sander

Which of the blue lines is longer than the other?

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