Optical Illusion : Amazing Skateboarding Car

You might have seen many people skateboarding and even perform stunts on the board. But have you ever found any car skateboarding? This is exactly what this illusion tries to show us. So is it a toy car? What if we say no? The truth is that it indeed is not a toy car. But then how is it standing over the skateboard? The reason here is the placement of both skateboard and the car. The skateboard is right in the front of the camera while the car is standing far ahead. This is the reason why it appears so small. And yes, the camera angle plays an important role too.


Optical Illusion : Mickey Mouse Live Sketch

This is a brilliant work of art. If you remove the piece of paper from his hand, you will notice that the picture actually comprised of stairs leading to the surface. The artist took the liberty to draw those stairs on the paper and made Mickey Mouse stand on top of the last step. He wrote down an amazing quote and drew additional things that are not present in the original seascape. Then he took the picture of his art from a distance and at an angle from where it merges with the real environment. Amazing really!

category : ART

Optical Illusion : Playing with Sun

It looks like the mother and the child are throwing sun at each other and playing with it. The silhouettes appear impressive and gives a realistic touch to the illusion. This is a simple picture which does not require much efforts. The sun is set up in the backdrop. All you need is for them to enact like they are throwing or catching it. The position of sun can be anywhere above them which makes it easier to create.

Optical Illusion : Rock Climbing

How many of you were able to recognize that it was just an illusion in the first go? You have an amazing observation if you were able to. This man is actually lying over the floor and the camera is places so beautifully with a perfect camera angle that it appears that he is actually climbing a rock. The expressions add up to the illusion. But look at the arm with no muscles tensed. Look at how his body is pulled by the ground due to gravity.

Optical Illusion : Mindboggling Pattern

These pink, yellow and black shades are added in the pattern in a manner that the static images seems like it is constantly waving or moving depending on how you perceive it. It's crazy but if you can find four similar shapes, you will find that they are always moving in the opposite direction when you run your eyes from one point to another.

category : TRIPPY

Optical Illusion : Female figure in a Tree

There is nothing much to talk about this illusion but there is a lot to admire about this illusion. It might not look the same or so impactful from other angles and thus we must applause the artist for finding out the angle that can create this illusion and capturing the beauty through the lens so perfectly. One can also relate this figure with Mother Nature herself. After all, it is her work and she has crafted the tree with her artistic approach.

Optical Illusion : Trippy Fan Pattern

Why do we call this a trippy fan pattern? If you notice in the center, you will notice a distinct shape that appears to be in the shape of a fan or the flower petals. Do you feel that it is moving? Keep staring for some time and you might feel it to be actually rotating. The reason is the background and the fact that the shape has been taken out from the same background with a slightly beveled nature. It is perfectly fine if you are not able to see it rotate. Not all people can experience this illusion.

category : TRIPPY

Optical Illusion : Fancy Stilettos

We bet you did not notice the stiletto placed in the white area in the first glance. What you might have noticed is the zoomed in image on the left. Now what does that look like? We are sure we need not explain anything as that is what most of the minds would have thought about and why not? It appears to be a sensual female figure but when you look at the stiletto picture, you realize that you have been dirty thinking again. They are just a pair of feet wearing the pair of stilettos. Next time when your mind is busy thinking odd things, do think in other sense as well.

Optical Illusion : Impossible pair of Prong

This image is pretty self-explanatory. At the very first look, you can determine that this is really impossible to be crafted out in real world. But the surprising thing is how believable this figure looks. This is probably one of the simplest example of paradox illusion you will come across. It has been formed just by using some straight lines and still it conveys the true nature of paradox excellently.

category : IMPOSSIBLE

Optical Illusion : Amazing Dinner Table

This illusion is a bit different than the other illusions. Yes it is art but not in the same manner in which you have seen other anamorphic illusions. What you see is a face but if you concentrate, you can find out that the face is made up of various things that lie on the dining table; be it eggs, cutlery or the wine bottles. The things have been arranged to give an illusion that there is a face that is lying above the table. This illusion might not work from a different perspective angle though.

Optical Illusion : Amazing Body Swan

This illusion that we have picked for you will blow your mind. Undoubtedly at the first look you were not able to acknowledge that it was a body of a model. Now you must be checking the image again right? This is the beauty of this body paint illusion. The artist has used the body of a model as a canvas to create an illusion of a swan. The artist's name is Gesine Marwedel and by all means this is an amazing illusion.

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