Optical Illusion : Waterfall Crafting Mother Nature

This is an amazing picture. The waterfall has crafted Mother Nature into the rocks. It feels like she is diving inside the sea along with the falling water. The entire face and hands joined above the head are visible clearly. Some of you might say that the image has been tweaked to define the shape. It can be possible as the source is unknown to us. But the illusion is impressive and can be purely a nature's art as well.


Optical Illusion : Celestial Coffee Foam Art

The artist has definitely won it for being creative. He has chosen the celestial bodies to be a subject of his art. He has focused on the planet Saturn and that was really clever as it is the only planet with a ring around it offering depth to the illusion. If it had been any other planet, it would not have been this explanatory. Using the stars and other circles around it has added more meaning to the art and it looks much more appealing. It is a job well done by the artist.

category : ART

Optical Illusion : 3D Lake Bridge Sketch

Although the sketch has not been made with complete finesse (the artist wanted to keep it that way and not make it too realistic), you can get an idea that there is a river flowing in the center of the city's heart. A boat is being rowed in that lake and ahead of the boat stands a bridge connecting the two sides of the city. The beauty of this sketch lies in the bridge only. This is because of the fact that the bridge looks three dimensional and amalgamates perfectly with the entire picture.

category : ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Creative Library

This is an amazing painting. Of course it can't exist in the real world but the sheer creativity is amazing to look at. The base is merging with the first level. At each levels, you can see a different doorway opening (through different doors). Well it certainly is a dream library. Consider the fact that you can actually read while sitting on a door that opens to space, sea, woods, sky etc. Who would not want to sit and read in such a library?

Optical Illusion : Live Landscape

This is a unique illusion in every way. Seeing from here it feels like the frame is hollow from the middle. Of course that is not the case or we had not posted it here. He is actually painting on the canvas what is right in front of him. The painting is so realistic and the proportions are so accurate that it looks like a part of the real surrounding. It has been done beautifully and he is still giving the finishing touches in this snap. These kind of realistic real life paintings are one of a kind. If you loved the illusions, don't forget to share.

category : AMAZING | ART

Optical Illusion : Spray Painting Clouds

It is an interesting illusion right? It appears that somebody is actually spray painting the clouds in the blue sky. They seem to be appearing from the tiny nozzle of the spray and spreading into the sky. Well, this is an easy to do thing. You just need a spray bottle and you need to click it with the right alignment to the clouds. Although, we do think that someone used a bit of photoshop to make the cloud lining thin near the nozzle or had a great luck to find them naturally like that. Certainly you can try it sometime?

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Painting the Sun

By all means, this picture looks like a guy is painting the sun. Some of you might even feel that it is a wall and he is painting it in a realistic tone. But the truth is that it is a normal unedited picture. This is just a perspective play by the photographer and the man is actually standing so close to the camera that the sun looks smaller and within his reach. He is just holding the paint brush in air and we perceive it as he has been painting it.

Optical Illusion : Trippy Flower Bed

There is no movement in this image. Obviously it is not a gif but in certain images, you experience motion within the still images. This is not one of them. But the pattern has been made in a manner that if you move your eyes through it, you feel high. It's not a big deal if you even develop a heavy head within a minute. So proceed with caution and at your own risk. Whoever designed this image has turned out to be extremely good.

category : TRIPPY

Optical Illusion : Hidden Face in the Environment

This picture is a little too over occupied but then, it is creating a magnificent illusion. There is a lot in this picture that you can perceive. Let us begin with the basic environment which is constituted by the tree, grass, shrub, water/river and the buildings on the far end. There is something in the middle of the image but we are not sure what it is. The next major thing you will perceive is a face formed using all the objects in the picture. There is something very deep about the face. Oh but let us not dive into the pool of philosophy here. Let us enjoy this amazing ambiguous illusion for what all it is offering.

Optical Illusion : Girly Legged Man

What is wrong with this man? He looks perfectly fine till you reach the waist portion. It actually feels more like a girl's pic. Is he abnormal? If no, then what has gone wrong here? Actually if you look at the face of his wife and then relate the body that you are looking with her, you will know what's wrong. It is actually her body that you see. The guy's body is behind her with black shorts and white tee. The way they are overlapping each other has made it look like what you are perceiving.

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Cannibal Giant at Beach

Somebody stop this cannibal from eating the pretty lady! Yes we know that all you wanted was to rescue this lady from this man who is all set to eat her up. What a wonderful illusion the photographer has created here. It is surely worth mentioning here. Can somebody clarify it is a real illusion or photoshopped afterwards? If this has done live, then this is really something. It is another example how playful you can be when you visit a beach next time.

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