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Steve Aoki is a marketing media head by profession. He loves to squeeze some time from his busy schedule to write. He has published several media articles on online portals. Writing puzzles is a hobby he can't let go of.

#1 - Number FAQ Puzzle

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There is an integer, which holds a very special property. If you subtract any number from that integer, the resultant is exactly divisible by the successor of that number.

Can you find out that integer?

#2 - Easy Maths Age Puzzle

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Adam spent 1/6 of his lifetime in adolescence. His facial hair started growing after 1/12 more of his life. He successfully married his girlfriend Diana after 1/7 more of his life. Their son was born after 5 years from then. The son lived just 1/2 of what Adam lived. Adam dies four years after his son died.

How long did Adam live ?

#3 - Distance Puzzle

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In a village, there are four tribes located at different distances from each other. Tribe R is 60 miles away from Tribe P; Tribe S 40 miles away from Tribe B and Tribe R is 10 miles nearer to the Tribe S than it is to Tribe Q.

How far is the Tribe S located from the tribe P ?

#4 - Interesting Trick Maths Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

A pen sells for Rs. 5.50 when sold along with the cap. If the cost of the pen separately is Rs. 5 more than the cap, can you derive the cost of the cap ?

#5 - Smallest Number Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

A number when multiplied by 3 and then subtracted by 2 becomes the reverse of itself. Can you find out which smallest number is that?

#6 - Find The Number Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Find out the square of a number which when doubled exceeds its quarter by 7 ?

#7 - Distance Traveled Tyre Math Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Bullock likes to keep a spare tyre in his car every time. On a certain day, he travels 1, 00,000 km and just to make the most of all the tyres, he changes the tyres between his journey such that each tyre runs the same distance.

What is the distance traveled by each tyre?

#8 - Classic Five Tablet Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Roy was suffering from severe headaches. He went to see his doctor and the doctor gave him five tablets asking him to take one tablet every 15 minutes.

How much time will it take Roy to consume all the five tablets?

#9 - Father Son Age Problem

Difficulty Popularity

A father and son has a difference of 45 years in their age. Their ages are reverse of each other. Also, the present age of both of them contains prime numbers as the digits.

Can you tell how old both of them are at present?

#10 - Largest Six Digit Number Problem

Difficulty Popularity

Can you find a six digit number under 5 lakh such that the sum of it's digits is 43 ?


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