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#11 - Number Bottles Maths Problem

Difficulty Popularity

A shopkeeper gives a full bottle of soft drink in return for five empty bottles. A guy has 77 empty bottles and he can use them to get full soft drink bottles.

How many filled bottles will he be able to collect?

#12 - Balls In Box Math Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

There are two boxes - A and B; both of them have a few balls inside them. If a ball is taken from Box A and put inside Box B, the number of balls in B becomes twice that of inside A.

But, of one ball is shifted from B to A, then the number of balls in both the boxes becomes equal.

Can you find out how many balls are there originally in Box and Box B?

#13 - Solve The Following Equation

Difficulty Popularity

Read the following three equations:

5 ~ 4 ~ 3 ~ 9 = 4215
6 ~ 9 ~ 2 ~ 6 = 3816
4 ~ 7 ~ 3 ~ 3 = 1122

Now based on the rule that has been used, solve the following equation:

7 ~ 2 ~ 7 ~ 4 = ____

#14 - What The Number Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

I have a three digit number in my mind. In that number, the tens digit is seven more than the ones digit and the hundreds digit is six less than the tens digit.

What is the number?

#15 - Count Vacation Days Maths Question

Difficulty Popularity

Four friends decided to go on a vacation to a hill station. During their vacation, they experienced 13 days of heavy snowfall. When it used to snow in the morning, the afternoon was clear and when it used to snow in the afternoon, the day was followed by a clear morning.

In total, they had eleven clear mornings and twelve clear afternoons. Is there a way you can calculate the number of days they spent in their vacation?

#16 - Hard Squares Rectangles Problem

Difficulty Popularity

In front of you lies a figure made up with 20 x 10 square blocks. Will you be able to find out the number of unique squares and rectangles that are being formed inside this figure by combining two or more distinct squares?

#17 - How Many Apples Maths Question

Difficulty Popularity

John and Jacobs have a few apples with them. If Jacobs gives one of his apple to John, they will have equal number of apples with them.

But if John gives one of his apple to Jacobs, he will be left with half the number of apples to that of Jacob's.

How many apples doe ah one of them have right now?

#18 - Find Number Math Trivia Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Three numbers if placed in ascending order of their value can offer a product that is prime when multiplied together. Also, in these numbers, the difference between the second and the first number is equal to the difference between third and the second number.

Can you find out those three numbers?

#19 - Hard Probability Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

There are two houses - House P and House Q. In both P and Q lives a family with two children each.

The House P has a family with a boy who loves to play football. Their other child likes to swim.

The house Q has a family with a six year old boy who loves to read and they have just had a new baby.

You are asked:
Which of the given houses is likely to have a girl child?

What will you answer?

#20 - Distribution Maths Question

Difficulty Popularity

Three friends were having a party and they ordered garlic bread sticks from a nearby restaurant. Upon arrival, they divided the number of sticks among them equally. After each one of them have had four breadsticks, the total number of breadsticks that remained were equal to the breadsticks that each one of them had upon equal division.

With the data given, can you calculate the original number of garlic bread sticks ?

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