Optical Illusion : Staircase that can't Exists

We remember putting a staircase paradox back in time. Well, this one is much more impressive and conveys the paradox nature in a more explanatory manner. Just for the fun of it, try and follow these stairs and see where you reach. Are you surprised by the fact that even after climbing the steps, you are practically on the same level? But it looked pretty alright in the beginning. So can you try and create such a figure in real world? You won't be able to as this figure is impossible in real world. You can't create steps that meet on the very same level from where they started.

category : IMPOSSIBLE


Optical Illusion : Disappearing Blue Circle

You can see the faded blue circle very well right? Now just stare at the red dot in the middle for some time. Did the blue circle just disappear? But it was right there. Wait it is still there. Sometimes, the illusions are characterized by what we perceive rather than what is real. In such cases, your eyes sees something and your brain sees something else. This illusion is a great example of such illusions.

category : LOGIC

Optical Illusion : Trippy Donut

It seems like this image will never stop. There is no animation included. But the opposite spiral pattern on the donut shape and the background keeps contradicting with each other and thus reproduce and output that is received by our eyes as motion. If you can't notice anything, try to scroll the page up and down while looking at it. You can try another thing. If you save this image on your desktop, you can open it separately and try to zoom in and out while staring at it. Do tell us if you felt anything.

category : TRIPPY

Optical Illusion : Spellbinding 3D Maze Art

Whoever has created this stunning illusion using just a single color shade over the grass, is definitely a great artist. The depth, the heights are so real that you might want to roam around in the maze for a while. The person standing on his hands is adding to the overall depth of the illusion. Really respect the artist for his amazing talent.

category : AMAZING | ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Cannibal Giant

These kind of illusions are pretty common on social media sites. It is amazing how people keep on coming up with them in their own unique ways. In this illusion, it appears as if the man who is lying down trying to gulp down the lady. The only weak aspect of this illusion is the shadow of the girl. It makes it clear that the girl is actually standing at quite some distance from the man. It is due to perspective that she is appearing so small in comparison with the man. You can always try such illusions in any open land or desert.

category : COOL

Optical Illusion : Buttoned Up Body Art

It is true that as the winter arrives, you have to button up your clothes so you can conserve your body heat. But look at this guy. We are sure that no one would want to button up his own skin right? Whoever has created this magnificent body art illusion has done a great deal of efforts to put in details especially if you see the stitched portion. You can clearly see the depth and yes anyone will be scared at first if you are a fan of those B horror movies.

category : ART

Optical Illusion : Blurred Dotted Circle

This illusion can also be categorized under non animated moving illusions and trippy illusions. So, we would humbly ask you to stop staring for long if you are not comfortable with trippy illusions. The illusion is simple and you don't need words to explain it. If you just look at the circle in the middle that has been blurred and try to move your eyes, you will find that the circle is moving or probably the dots inside the circle are moving. Once there, you won't be able to make it stop. Just try it out and tell us.

category : TRIPPY

Optical Illusion : Giant Sunglasses

So, this man is making some hard efforts to lift the giant sunglasses that have probably come out from the fantasy world of Gulliver. The expressions are just amazing, making it so much believable. Of course the sunglasses are of normal size. The trick here is that someone is holding the sunglasses close to the lens. It is therefore appearing so giant. The man is standing at a distance and just enacting the whole thing. Perspective can offer you some astonishing results. It's just a matter of how you play with it.

Optical Illusion : Touching the Moon

This guy has achieved what might be a dream of so many. He has touched the moon. This illusion is really awesome. There are so many things that are involved to make it believable and appear so amazing. The biker guy must have been stunting. The bike is merely in the air and the camera angle is so perfect that it really feels that he is touching the moon. The camera angle and the timing was most important is creating this illusion and that has been done neatly.

Optical Illusion : The Chirping Caterpillar

At the first look, you might get confused that it is a focused picture of a caterpillar on a branch of a tree. But look closely, they are birds; European Bee-eaters to be accurate. Don't they8 look super cute cuddled together on a small branch of a tree? It is an amazing job done by the photographer. This camera angle was necessary to create this illusion.

Optical Illusion : Waterfall out of Water Bottle

The illusion that this person has been able to achieve is truly remarkable. At the first look, you might feel that the water is actually falling from the bottle. But take a closer look, it is not a water flow but a water fall that is emerging out of the bottle. The placement of the bottle, the angle and perspective and the ability of the one who clicked the picture makes this illusion look stunning. You can try such illusions yourself. Do stop by a waterfall next time to take one of your own.

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