Optical Illusion : Impossible Fence

Now this is an impressive model of a fence. We are sure you can recognize the paradox here. The two vertical blocks can never be connected by the horizontal blocks in such a manner in real world. But someone has manipulated (or created) this image in an image editing software. From the look of it, it feels somebody has created a 3d model in a 3d software but those software work in real environment. It is difficult to find out how the artist did it but he has done a real good job for sure.

category : IMPOSSIBLE


Optical Illusion : Scary Eyes

Behold yourself as this illusion is definitely going to halt your breath. If it did not, then probably you have not glanced at the eyes properly? Are the eyes open? Where are the eyelashes then? Are they closed? Do you think that the eye lids were painted to generate that illusion? Or do you think that the eyelashes on the lower eye lid are painted and the upper trimmed to generate the illusion? Confused right? This is a remarkable body art that has left us speechless too. Anyhow, it is scary to glance at those eyes.

category : ART | FACE

Optical Illusion : Amazing Dog with Wings

Sometimes, all you need to create a perfect outdoor illusion is a camera ready to snap a picture at the right moment. In the attached illusion, you can say the same. It is an extremely popular outdoor illusion that you might have seen in so many social media sites and circulating picture messages in the messengers. But yes, if the person who clicked it had not used this camera angle at the right moment, this illusion would have failed. So now, you can see a normal dog with wings on the beach. How cool a sight.

category : TRICKY | AMAZING

Optical Illusion : Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio

What an innovative way to advertise the latest model of a car. The creative vision behind this illusion is worth taking our bow. If you look closely, there are so many models sitting aligned in the shape of the car. You will be shocked to find out that no Photoshop has been used in this image. It is purely a piece of art. Craig Tracy is the name of the artist who painted all these models if you want to Google more work by the artist.

category : AMAZING | ART

Optical Illusion : Mind Blowing Artifice Painting

This is an absolute masterpiece. Of course you will be able to see two different things and situations in this painting. The first one is the portrait which is quite clear. But what helped in making the portrait? The other picture/situation is of a girl standing and awaiting the approaching train. Her hair have been used to form the eyes of the portrait, her arm the nose, the folds of her dress as the mouth and beard. Just look at the ear of the portrait. You will find a street lamp and a person. The steam emerging from the train form the hair of the portrait. Amazing right? Definitely it is.

category : AMAZING | ART

Optical Illusion : Simple Curved Lines

There are so many illusions based on the nature of two lines - parallel or curved. So many of them have been shared by us as well. This one is probably one of the simplest ones and yet it is able to achieve the desirable effect. These two lines are parallel in reality. You can even check and verify the statement. However, the pattern behind it that is made by concurrent lines is forcing us to perceive them as bent or curved.

category : TRICKY

Optical Illusion : Multi Depth Oil Canvas

What has been painted here is that the girl is sitting on a giant sofa and reading some book. There is a table in front of her that comprises of some more books, a vase, a glove, a fruit and a hand fan. But of course, we can also perceive the face of a man. The border of the sofa appears to be his hair, the armrest as his ears. The vase plant acts as one of his eyes, the hair of the girl as his eyebrows, her arms as his nose and the books and legs as the mouth portion. Well it is not a handsome figure but the face is evident. Another amazing painting illusion right?

category : ART

Optical Illusion : Playing with Sun

It looks like the mother and the child are throwing sun at each other and playing with it. The silhouettes appear impressive and gives a realistic touch to the illusion. This is a simple picture which does not require much efforts. The sun is set up in the backdrop. All you need is for them to enact like they are throwing or catching it. The position of sun can be anywhere above them which makes it easier to create.

Optical Illusion : Waterfall Crafting Mother Nature

This is an amazing picture. The waterfall has crafted Mother Nature into the rocks. It feels like she is diving inside the sea along with the falling water. The entire face and hands joined above the head are visible clearly. Some of you might say that the image has been tweaked to define the shape. It can be possible as the source is unknown to us. But the illusion is impressive and can be purely a nature's art as well.

Optical Illusion : Funny Cat's Tail

We know it is a little over the limit but there is nothing wrong with this picture. May be if your mind was not in a provocative mood, you would have realized the reality at the first glance itself. Nobody here has edited this image and made it look like that. It is purely a real image. To tell you the truth, it is just this cat's tail. Well, somebody has made him sit on it for sure but that's it. How you perceive this tail is entirely based on the creativity of your mind. Look at him, he's so cute right? Having no idea what is actually happening.

Optical Illusion : Abnormally Long Beard

The first impression you will go through while looking at this pic will be that it has been photoshopped and not real. But what if we tell you that whatever you are looking at is completely real. However, we suggest you change your focus from the beard to the lower body of the man. Do you think something unusual? Yes, it is actually a girl who is standing in front of the guy. The height is perfectly appropriate to create this illusion. Also, the same colored clothes are responsible for the merging of two bodies that appear to be one. Isn't this illusion really awesome?

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