Optical Illusion : Impossible Cube Paradox

You must have figured out what has gone wrong in this picture the moment you looked at it right? It has been manipulated to form a paradox. If you try to create any real life hollow cube like this, the edges will never overlap like this. It can only be done virtually however by no means it is possible in real world. That is the motto of paradox illusions and we really think that this image serves the purpose well.

category : IMPOSSIBLE


Optical Illusion : Ice Cream Cloud

This has to be a creative take on the cloud illusions. It appears to be that someone is eating an ice cream cone inside which the clouds are making up for the ice cream portion. How to achieve it? Whenever you find a similar cloud, hold an ice cream cone close to the camera and position accordingly before clicking the picture. Of course, one has to give credit to this creativity. It is easy to imitate things but difficult to think of them originally.

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Astronauts forming Skull

We are back with another Skull Illusion for our readers. You can easily spot two astronauts in the picture right? Or were you too lost into the skull that has been formed using them with the background? Someone has done an amazing job with this illusion. The background is of moon and serves well as the head of the skull. It might have been optimized but the end result is just amazing right?

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Colorful Rotating Spirals

This illusion is also an extreme one. You can find the four big spirals rotating in the opposite directions. The colors used make it a bit trippy at times causing headache.

Optical Illusion : Trapped in a Deadly Hole

It seems like we have reached the dungeons of Egypt where some people have been trapped in search of the valuable treasure. This man is helping one of the man in reaching to the surface again. One skeleton defines the death of a person years ago. On the left far end, you can see an old person trying to reach the surface. One man is screaming for help close to the camera. So much in such a limited space. This is an amazing art by the artist. One can even explore it metaphorically while we will stay mum at that as we are here to simply enjoy some exceptional optical illusions.

Optical Illusion : Innovative Sun Clock

This is an interesting take on the illusion genre. The guy is actually holding the minute and hour hands in his own hand and the sun at the backdrop acts like the clock surface. It appears however that there is an actual clock. The placement is perfect and the photographer has done a good job here. Also, we would like to say that the idea is quite innovative. It's interesting how illusionists always come up with these unique ideas and blends them so perfectly.

Optical Illusion : Dirty Tall Weeds

It is another of those illusions that will leave you laughing at your own imagination. We need not say what thought crept up your mind the moment you saw this picture. However, when somebody tells you that you are actually looking at a picture that comprises of a few tall weeds, you will not be able to help but smile or laugh. Well, the credit goes to the imagination and creatively dirty mind of the photographer as well (or the Photoshop artist). We often wonder where they get such ideas from.

Optical Illusion : Length of Lines

Here, you can see three different lines in the picture. What makes these three lines different from each other is the arrows at the end. But does the length of line differs as well? Of course it looks like it differs. So let us tell you what to do. Take a ruler and literally measure these lines on your screen. You will be surprised to find out that the lines are of exact same size. So why does they appear of different sizes? This is due to the arrow signs at the end. These signs make it appear like the lengths are different.

category : LOGIC | TRICKY

Optical Illusion : Cool Rotating Gears

Can you find the gears slowly rotating?

category : COOL | MOVING

Optical Illusion : Face of Paris

This illusion has become popular by this name. Of course you can see the Eiffel Tower in it and that is the reason. This picture shows the beautiful city and a girl walking under the rain with an umbrella. But along with that, it is giving an illusion of a face and thus the name Face of Paris. If you view the trees as eyes, the lady as the nose, you will be able to find the face. Now, this is an amazing illusion. This is because much of it is a real image and not a modified thing. Amazing right?

Optical Illusion : Scary Popcorn

Yes it is just a bowl of popcorn. We all love to munch them in the movie theaters or while chilling out at our homes. But next time you buy popcorn for yourself, do look at them closely. You did not look closely at even this image. Do it now. Did you find it? The tiny little popcorns that you are watching have a formation of skulls. Does that gives you a feeling that you might have been munching tiny little skulls every time you ate popcorns? Well that's a creepy thought now.

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