Optical Illusion : Cannibal Giant at Beach

Somebody stop this cannibal from eating the pretty lady! Yes we know that all you wanted was to rescue this lady from this man who is all set to eat her up. What a wonderful illusion the photographer has created here. It is surely worth mentioning here. Can somebody clarify it is a real illusion or photoshopped afterwards? If this has done live, then this is really something. It is another example how playful you can be when you visit a beach next time.


Optical Illusion : Asymmetrical Circles

Concentrate on the two circles given in the picture. They appear asymmetrical by all means but are they really? The answer is a big no. They are not asymmetrical but symmetrical or regular circles. You would still not believe us right? Why don't you go ahead and try to measure the distance from different places? If you do that or by any means, if you try to prove yourself, you will find that they are actually regular circles. The black and white pattern over the circles is actually creating an illusion that twists our perception.

category : TRICKY

Optical Illusion : Kung-Fu Panda

In this picture, you can see a boat with three kids sitting inside the boat. They have long branches in their hands that they have raised high in the air. The artist has given a distinct shape to the leaves that is merging together to form a beloved cartoon figure i.e. the Kung-Fu Panda. We are sure all of you must have seen the movies. Simple yet great right? It is amazing for sure. This kind of art can inspire the artist in you to try something of your own because it's simple and just require a creative mind.

Optical Illusion : Girly Legged Man

What is wrong with this man? He looks perfectly fine till you reach the waist portion. It actually feels more like a girl's pic. Is he abnormal? If no, then what has gone wrong here? Actually if you look at the face of his wife and then relate the body that you are looking with her, you will know what's wrong. It is actually her body that you see. The guy's body is behind her with black shorts and white tee. The way they are overlapping each other has made it look like what you are perceiving.

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Parallel Lines Shape-Distortion

What about the red lines? Do you think they are straight and parallel?

Optical Illusion : Hidden Woman Face

Here is another painting optical illusion for guys who love this sub category. What this painting portrays is the grey mountains and warriors. You can see one on the horse and three others. But among all this, there is a face that has been composed using all these elements. If you look carefully you can find where. The whole painting seems to be a portrait once you are able to recognize the face in it. The face is of an old woman. The horse acting as the nose and the horse rider acting as one of the eye. You will be able to trace the entire face now.

category : ART | FACE

Optical Illusion : Falling people 3D Art

We all have seen so many 3d arts and everytime you browse through internet, you definitely find so many new ones. Artists all over the world have been creating this amazing 3d arts which looks so much believable that you will be left amazed. This post includes a similar illusion that will leave you breathless. Those two guys in the picture seems to be falling to the depths of the earth. But the truth is that it is just a 3d art. The perspective, the angles, the guys pretending to be falling adds up to make it so realistic that you won't believe your eyes. The only giveaway is the people standing on that hollow surface telling us that it is just and art.

category : ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Leaf Coffee Foam Art

This is another simple coffee foam art. But still, it looks pretty neat and professional right? You won't mind to be surprised with it in a cafe right? It's a leaf according to us. But can you perceive it as something else? Do drop in your comments if you can find any other image popping out of this art.

category : ART

Optical Illusion : Kinked Cotton Band

This is a pretty simple yet effective illusion that you can try at your homes too. It is a cotton band with a regular pattern. Do you feel that it is narrowing down on the left while broadening towards the right? If you feel that, it is because of the pattern. The closing pattern of lines towards the left makes it appear slimmer in width towards the left however it is not. To try this illusion at home, all you need is a white sheet of paper. Draw similar black lines over the paper after cutting it to roughly the same width. Now check it.

category : TRICKY

Optical Illusion : Classic Trippy Roller

Can you see the pattern rolling as if there were three giant rollers rolling simultaneously? Try to run your eyes from left to right and back and see the miracle happen.

category : TRIPPY | MOVING

Optical Illusion : Hungry Shark inside Elevator

This is what you call an amazing and mind blowing optical illusion. So, it seems like there is no floor inside the elevator and the ground has been filled by water which is inhabited by a hungry shark. The art is too realistic and so impressive that one must give a bow to the artist. But look at the guy. He is literally enacting scared and trying to stay away from the shark. We have always been writing that everything counts when you are portraying an illusion. Now this illusion might not have looked so great if this guys was standing there or laughing or even if nobody was inside. So full marks for this illusions. Truly an amazing job by the artist.

category : AMAZING | ART | 3D

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