Optical Illusion : Blurred Dotted Circle

This illusion can also be categorized under non animated moving illusions and trippy illusions. So, we would humbly ask you to stop staring for long if you are not comfortable with trippy illusions. The illusion is simple and you don't need words to explain it. If you just look at the circle in the middle that has been blurred and try to move your eyes, you will find that the circle is moving or probably the dots inside the circle are moving. Once there, you won't be able to make it stop. Just try it out and tell us.

category : TRIPPY


Optical Illusion : Sleeping Baby Cloud

Now this is a cute illusion for sure. If you look carefully, you can find the outlining of a little baby lying done in comfort of the nature's arms. Probably nature treats everyone as her child and this illusion can also be seen as a metaphor if you want to enlighten yourself. Otherwise, just take it as an interesting thing. Make sure you click pictures next time you see any shape or figure formed by the clouds. Probably you can even share it with us.

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Tricky Same Color Shades

The block A seems darker than the block B. Is it really darker?

Optical Illusion : Classic Trippy Roller

Can you see the pattern rolling as if there were three giant rollers rolling simultaneously? Try to run your eyes from left to right and back and see the miracle happen.

category : TRIPPY | MOVING

Optical Illusion : Strange Disappearing Act

Mind us when we say that this one is not one of the regular disappearing illusions you may have seen. It has a bit different flavor to it. You can see two different images below. First, look in the center of the first image for some time. Now move your eyes to the center of the second image. What did you see? You might have seen some strange patterns moving. Or did you see something else? Did the image fade out or flicker? You can try one more thing with this illusion. After staring for some time, if you move your head closer and away from the screen, you will see some awesome effects. Drop in your experiences in the comment section.

category : AMAZING

Optical Illusion : Walking Woman Blocks

What might appear as random scattered blocks in the beginning actually has a meaning to them and that can only be revealed when you actually throw light in an angle that has been shown in the picture. What appears in the shadow is a woman walking. Even the face is clearly cut out in the shadow and the legs are evident. We must say that somebody did a nice job with this. Who would have thought of creating something like this through blocks?

category : AMAZING

Optical Illusion : Hidden Faces in the Ocean

This picture is taken under the ocean and displays the underwater life along with a few sea divers that are on to an adventure of their own. You can even see a lot many fishes and among all of it are two facing in towards each other not in the proper sense but in the directional sense. Waves, scuba divers fishes, corals; everything contribute in the formation of the faces. We don't know how much is real and how much is edited but the overall effect is impressive.

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Bike with Scraped Metal

No one, nobody can ever judge what is going on with the scraped welded metal till he throws light at tit and notices the shadow. That is the moment he will be left flabbergasted. This is because, the shadow appears to be a bike. Even at that, it looks perfectly drawn out of a bike itself. It is amazing how these shadow artists bring up such an amazing shadow illusions that leave us astonished at their creativity and the zeal for their work.

category : AMAZING

Optical Illusion : Kung-Fu Panda

In this picture, you can see a boat with three kids sitting inside the boat. They have long branches in their hands that they have raised high in the air. The artist has given a distinct shape to the leaves that is merging together to form a beloved cartoon figure i.e. the Kung-Fu Panda. We are sure all of you must have seen the movies. Simple yet great right? It is amazing for sure. This kind of art can inspire the artist in you to try something of your own because it's simple and just require a creative mind.

Optical Illusion : Middle Finger Cloud

That sure is not a good sight especially if you look at it after having a bad time at the office or probably after a little dispute from your loved ones. What will be the first thought that comes into your mind? We would love to hear about it in the comments. Anyhow, that can certainly ruin the mood or on the contrary can make you laugh rhetorically. Do you think someone has edited the image? Can such an image be real to perfection? Well certainly, sometimes nature amuses us.

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Length of Lines

Here, you can see three different lines in the picture. What makes these three lines different from each other is the arrows at the end. But does the length of line differs as well? Of course it looks like it differs. So let us tell you what to do. Take a ruler and literally measure these lines on your screen. You will be surprised to find out that the lines are of exact same size. So why does they appear of different sizes? This is due to the arrow signs at the end. These signs make it appear like the lengths are different.

category : LOGIC | TRICKY

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