#11 - Water Level Change Problem

Difficulty Popularity

A farmer wanted to sell watermelons in the city. To reach the city, he had to cross a river. So, he embarked on the journey while it was raining. On the way, he felt hungry and thus ate one of the watermelons. Further on a certain distance, he came across a Shark. In order to save himself, he hit the shark with the watermelon.

At this point of time, can you find out if there is any change in the water level?
category : SCIENCE

#12 - Spatial Trivia Physics Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

As shown in picture, there are four gears with the following specification
* Gear A has 60 teeth
* Gear B has 40 teeth
* Gear C has 20 teeth
* Gear D has 60 teeth
* Every minute, Gear B makes 15 complete turns.

What is the relative speed of Gear A and Gear B?

#13 - Faq Geography Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

I am somewhere, where if i stand up straight, i might be considered sideways ?
category : TRIVIA | SCIENCE

#14 - Science Acronym Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

32 D F at which W F.
category : SCIENCE

#15 - Science Balance Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

You have a broom which you balance on your finger keeping your finger exactly on the broom's center of gravity. You mark that point with the help of a marker. Now you cut the broom from there and are left with two different pieces one of which is longer than the other. The longer piece has the handle part whereas the shorter one comprises of bristles and some party of the handle.

Now, if you weigh the two pieces, which one of them will weigh more?
category : SCIENCE

#16 - Scientific Method Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

You are lying on a beach with a wine bottle enjoying the bright sun. After it goes empty, you friend secures the mouth of the bottle with a cork. You can see a metal ring inside the bottle that has been suspended by a string.

He asks you if you can think of any way to drop the metal ring inside the bottle without touching the bottle or the cork. Can you think of any way?
category : SCIENCE

#17 - Popular Tricky Picture Death Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

AS you can see the picture, all you have to do is analyze it and tell who all from the pictured people will die if the person at E pushes the round object to the slide on the slope. Keep in mind all the physics and the terrain while you analyze the things.

#18 - Science Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

A man is trapped on a frozen lake in an isolated region. The frozen surface is frictionless and no grip of any kind can be attained over it. He just has a mobile phone in his pocket but when he takes it out to call for help, he finds out that there is no reception.

There is no wind force that may help him in escaping. What will he do to escape the lake and save himself from freezing to death?
category : SCIENCE

#19 - Magnet Science Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

You are given two metal rods and then taken into a room. You are left there to identify which one of the metal rods you have is a magnet. Now you have no other metal object in the room with you. Also, the two rods are exactly similar to each other in looks.

What method will you use to determine which one of the rods is actually a magnet ?
category : SCIENCE

#20 - Science Riddle For Student

Difficulty Popularity

You are given a ball and you are asked to throw it as hard as you can but it must return back to you. It is an open ground and you can't find any wall or object in your vicinity. There is no one around to catch your ball and throw it back to you. Also, you can't attach any string or rope with the ball.

How will you achieve it then?
category : SCIENCE

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