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Anmol Rawat is a contributing author in the anthology 'Blank Space : Filled with Inspiration'.

He is a Delhiite who has completed his graduation in English Honors and also holds a diploma in 3D Animation & Visual Effects. Writing has always been his passion for as long as he can remember and was sparked with the sparkling words of Nicholas Sparks. Blogging offers him a platform to unleash his creative skills. He is a bibliophile who has grown fond of authors like Dan Brown, John Green, Stephen King, Amish Tripathi and Preeti Shenoy. Movies and music occupies his world when he is not reading or writing. Spreading love through his words is his only dream.

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#1 - Tigers, Tigers Everywhere!

Difficulty Popularity

Look at the picture carefully. Can you tell the number of tigers that you see in the picture?

#2 - Archery and the bull's eye

Difficulty Popularity

William is blindfolded and is playing archery. Unfortunately, when he shoots the first shot, he misses the bull's eye. When he shoots the second shot, the arrow goes even farther and he misses it. William again shoots the third arrow.
Question: how greater is the chance for making his last shot also worse than the previous and the first one?

#3 - May The Fastest Car Win

Difficulty Popularity

John is out with his class of 25 boys to a local park. Each guy has a remote controlled car with them. The park has a racetrack that allows 5 cars to be raced at once. Their teacher, Mr. Ted, declares that the top three fastest cars get ice cream.

How many races are required to determine the 3 fastest cars?

#4 - 7 Rows 16 Numbers Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Use the numbers from 1 to 16 in such a way that the sum of the numbers in each of the 7 row is 29.

#5 - Interesting Number Series

Difficulty Popularity

Can you tell us the rule which is followed in the following number series?
102, 104, 108, 110, 114, 128

#6 - The problem of the family of Amazon

Difficulty Popularity

While walking through the deepest jungle of the amazon, Steve the explorer came across a mystical tomb. He went closer and it read:
"Here lies two faithful husbands, with their two faithful wives,
Here lies two grandmothers along with their two granddaughters,
Here lies two dad's along with their two beloved daughters,
Here lies two mothers along with their two lovely sons,
Here lies two maidens along with their two charming mothers,
Here lies two sisters along with their two amazing brothers.
All were born legitimate, with no incest."
Steve, then checked and saw that there were only 6 graves in total

How was this possible? Steve needs your help to figure it out.

#7 - Use Variables And Construct The Function

Difficulty Popularity

There are two variables given a, and b. construct a function f (a b) using the variables, which will return the maximum one in the construction {a b}
The rule that should be followed is that, you can only use +/-. And () in order to take the absolute value for the construction. You cannot use if () in the construction.

#8 - Charlie and the chocolate factory

Difficulty Popularity

Once upon a time, Charlie visited a chocolate factory. He wanted to buy some chocolates for him and the cost of the chocolate was 3rs each. The money which he had was rs.45. But he was very much surprised when he reached the factory. To his luck there was some scheme in the chocolate factory on that particular day. The scheme and the offer was that when you return 3 wrappers of the chocolates, you will be getting another chocolate for free in return of those wrappers.

So totally how many chocolates would he be able to buy?

#9 - Two Men One Question Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Imagine that you are travelling to a village. You happen to reach a point in the road where there is a fork. There are two ways that you can go into but only one amongst them is correct and leads to the village. You happen to see two men standing on the fork and you can ask them for the direction. To your bad luck, one amongst the two men always lies and the other one always says the truth. But you do not know who is a liar and who is not. At that point of the situation you are allowed to ask only one question to any one of the men standing there.

What question will you ask?

#10 - Full Like Empty Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Why is it that a room which is full of married people like an empty one?


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