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Shruti Rawat is an IT engineer by profession. She is passionate about puzzles and loves to write some of her own utilizing her creative writing skills.

#1 - Equal Distribute Bottles and Oil Measure Problem

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You are distributing vegetable oil. There are 21 bottles in total out of which 7 are full, 7 half empty and 7 empty. The oils has to be distributed among three people.

How will you distribute so that each person gets equal number of bottles and the same quantity of oil?

#2 - Easy Measuring Puzzle

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A recipe requires 15 minutes to cook. You have a 7 minutes hourglass and an 11 minutes hourglass with you. How will you measure 15 minutes using them?

#3 - Akbar Birbal Court Puzzle

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A man was brought to Akbar's court and he found the man guilt of a little offense. HE decided to punish the man and asked him to make a statement. If the statement is held true by Akbar, the man will be killed by hanging him to death and if the statement is held false, the man will be killed by giving poison.

The man was confused. He did not know what to say. Therefore, he looked at Birbal and asked for suggestion. Birbal thought for a while and decided to help him, as he had not committed a major offense. He told something in his ear and the man then said the statement to Akbar.

After hearing the statement, Akbar could not kill him. What was the statement?

#4 - Expensive pills logic problem

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Your doctor gave you two bottles of pills marked as A and B. He asked you to take one pill from each bottle every day. The pills are identical in all terms.

While taking out the pill you accidentally take 2 from the B bottle and 1 from the A bottle. Now, you have no clue which pill is from which bottle. The pills are extremely expensive and you cant throw them. What will you do?

#5 - Interesting Misplaced Pens Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Rihanna brought home 150 pens but while packing them, she misplaced some of them. When her brother asked how many she had misplaced, she told him:
If you count in pairs, one will remain
If you count in a group of three, two will remain
If you count in a group of four, three will remain
If you count in a group of five, four will remain
If you count in a group of six, five will remain
If you count in a group of seven, nothing will remain.

How many pens do you think has she misplaced ?

#6 - Predict Result Of Game Problem

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Once, Anabelle, Betty, Christie, Dora and Evelyn played the game of tiddly winks with each other. In that game, a win gave 1 point, a loss gave 0 points and a tie gave 1/2 point.

They finished the game in the alphabetical order of their name and each one had a different score by the end.

After the game the two following comments were made:
Betty: Only I managed to finish without a loss.
Evelyn: I was the only one with no win.

Can you find out the results of the individual game?

#7 - Count Chocolates Box Maths Logic Question

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There is a box with chocolates inside it. When we count the chocolates in pairs, one is left. When we count the chocolates in a group of three, two chocolates are left. When we count the chocolates in a group of four, three chocolates are left. When we count the chocolates in a group of five, four are left. When we count the chocolates in a group of six, five are left.

But when the chocolates are counted in a group of seven, no chocolate is left. Can you calculate the minimum number of chocolates that are present in the box?

#8 - Three Errors In Sentence Problem

Difficulty Popularity

Can you fynd three errors in that puzzle?

#9 - Extremely Hard Civil Services Problem

Difficulty Popularity

( ) + ( ) + ( ) + ( ) + ( ) = 30
This is what you have for equation. The following are the numbers that you can use to fill in the brackets:
1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15

You can repeat the numbers if required. The resulting sum should be 30.

This question appeared in the UPSC final examination in December 2013. Out of all the people who appeared, only one guy was able to solve this namely Gaurav Agarwal.

Can you solve it?

#10 - Find Out Who Survives Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

100 people are standing in a circle. The person standing at number 1 is having a sword. He kills the person next to him with the sword and then gives the sword to the third person. This process is carried out till there is just one person left.

Can you find out who survives?


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