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#1 - What Am I Riddle For Children

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I go up,
I go down.
I go towards the sky.
I go down towards the ground.
I am present tense.
I am past tense too.
Children loves me.

What Am i ?

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#2 - Easy What Am I Riddle

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You took me to a dark room.
You set me on fire.
You made me wept a lot.
And finally my head was cut off.

What Am I ?

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#3 - Easy What Am I Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

I can be made, cracked, told or even can be played and i bring smile on your face.

What am i ?

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#4 - English Word Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Which word in English dictionary which has a silent z ?

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#5 - What Word Am I Rebus

Difficulty Popularity

What Word is identified by this rebus

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