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#1 - King Gift Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

King Charles want to send the diamond ring to his girlfriend securely.He got multiple locks and their corresponding keys.His girl friend does not have any keys to these locks and if he send the key without a lock , the key can be copied in the way.How can charles send the ring to his girl friend securely .

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#2 - Easy Text Rebus Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

What does this mean ?


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#3 - Hard Number Sequence Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

What is the next number in this Sequence ?

6, 14, 36, 98, 276, ?

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#4 - Count Teacher Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

A Teacher has written all of the numbers from 300 to 400 on the black board.

How many times she had written the number 3 ?

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#5 - Simple Maths Problem

Difficulty Popularity

Salman had a box containing colorful balls. The colors are black, yellow and orange. The total number of balls he had in his box is 60. There are 4 times as many black balls as yellow balls. 6 more orange balls than yellow balls. How many balls of each color did Salman have?

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#6 - Seven Digit Number Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Can you find a seven digit number which describes itself.

The first digit is the number of zeros in the number.
The second digit is the number of ones in the number, etc.

For example, in the number 21200, there are 2 zeros, 1 one, 2 twos, 0 threes and 0 fours.

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#7 - Trick Chess Board Square Count Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

In a chess board
How many squares (of any size) can you find on the chess board which do not contain a Rook?

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#8 - Number Equation Problem

Difficulty Popularity


What is S and what is Z ?

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#9 - Equation Problem

Difficulty Popularity

BAT = 58
HAT = 52
CAT = 57

whats RAT = ?

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#10 - Common Words Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

There is something common between the following words. Whats that ?


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