If you are new to the riddles world, then you need to start up with these Easy Riddles by GPuzzles.Com. They won't give you a tough time but will help you improve your skills gradually. When you are done with these Easy Riddles, you will definitely feel more confident in solving other difficulty level of riddles.
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#1 - Popular Whats Name Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Mary named his first child Jan, second Feb, third March, and fourth April.

What is the name of fifth child.

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  • Sol Viewed : 20k+

#2 - Oldest Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Three birds were sitting on a tree.
I shot one of the bird and bird died instantly.

How many left now ?

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  • Sol Viewed : 10k+

#3 - One Line Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Do you know which part of London is also present in France?

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  • Sol Viewed : 20k+

#4 - Easy What I Am Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

My house has no windows and no doors. I was born I this small house. If I want to get out of my house I can do that only by breaking the walls.

What am I?

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  • Sol Viewed : 20k+

#5 - Teaser Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Michael Schumacher was speeding and ran through a stop sign.
Two police officer noticed him, yet they do nothing.

Why ?

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  • Sol Viewed : 10k+

#6 - Trick Teaser Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Bear Grylls is shooting for an episode in Jungle. There are no source of light present in the Jungle nor does he possess any other artificial source of light. Suddenly he notices a black python crossing his path.

How did he manage to see the snake?

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  • Sol Viewed : 10k+

#7 - Easy Who Am I Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

I go around your house and reach in your house but still I never touch your house.

Who am I?

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  • Sol Viewed : 10k+

#8 - 10th Class Science Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

What is
black when you buy it,
red when you use it,
and gray when you throw it away ?

  • Views : 20k+
  • Sol Viewed : 10k+

#9 - Funny Who Am I Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

I am a fruit which often comes in a group of two.

Who Am I ?

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