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#1 - Maths Tap Puzzle

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I have an amazing bath tub having both hot and cold water taps.
The cold water tap can fill my tub in 6 hours while cold water tap can fill the tub in approx 4 hours.
I turned them on simultaneously but forgot to close the lid which remove water out of tub.
The lid can empty the tub in exact 13 hours.

Since both taps are open along with the lib , can you estimate the time needed to fill the bath tub ?

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#2 - Donald Duck Math Puzzle

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Donald duck can can swim his pool downstream(with the pool current helping time) in exact 40 seconds and upstream(against the pool current) in a pool in exact 60 seconds. The length of pool is 2 kilometers.

How long Donald duck can cover distance of one side at a still pool (with no current).

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#3 - Maths Angle Problem

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In the picture below, can you identify the value of angle 'Y'

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#4 - Maths Trick Riddle

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I know a number which when multiplied by multiple of 9 i.e 9 18 27 36 45 ... the output consist of number containing only one digit.

Can you identify the number ?

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#5 - Logical Math Teaser Problem

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I have a huge bed-sheet of 1 meter long.
I want to cuts this role into pieces of 20 centimeter long cloth.

How long will it take me to cut the bed sheet if each 20 centimeter cut took me 5 minutes ?

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#6 - How I Met Your Mother Math Puzzle

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Ted-Mosby five friends Marshall,Robin Barney,Lily and Lyndsy lives in the same road.

Marshall lives in house:A , Robin lives in house:B , Barney lives in house:C , Lily lives in house:D , Lyndsy lives in house:E

Below Equation Hold True:
B*C*D = 1260
B + C + D = 2E
2A = E

The road numbers run from 2 to 222.

Can you tell the house number of each of Ted-Mosby's friends ?

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#7 - Maths Picture Equation Puzzle

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Solve the below equation in the picture below

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#8 - Maths Number Trick Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

I remember during the school days , the teacher asked the class "can you tell me the sum of the first 50 odd numbers ?".
I ran quickly to the teacher and told her "the answer is 2500". The teacher replied "lucky guess".
She then asked me "can you tell me the sum of first 75 odd numbers ?".
I wait for approx 10 seconds and replied with the correct answer.

How can i answer so quickly and whats the correct answer ?

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#9 - Consecutive Numbers Puzzle

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The Product of 3 consecutive numbers are 54834.

whats the sum of these three consecutive numbers ?

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#10 - Solve This Maths Puzzle

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A man died and leaves $10,000 in his will. There are 6 beneficiaries of his will - his 3 sons and their wives. The 3 wives receive $3,960 of which angelina gets $100 more than catherine and kate gets $100 more than angelina. Of the sons, mendes gets twice as much as his wife, douglas gets the same as his wife, and brad gets 50% more than his wife.

Who is married to whom ?

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