Mu Sigma Interview Puzzles in the following post by GPuzzles.Com have been posted to help out the students preparing for the interview. By reading/solving them, you can acknowledge the basic structure of Interview Puzzles/Questions in Mu Sigma.

A Basic info about the company:
Its one of the most promising provider of services like Big Data and analytics to majority of fortune 500 company.
Company name is derived from the popular statistical terms Mu and Sigma which symbolize the mean and the standard deviation respectively of a probability distribution.

The motive behind posting these Mu Sigma Interview Puzzles is to help you shape your skills and making you much more confident while appearing in the interviews.
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Mu Sigma Interview Puzzle #1 - Time Work Interview Problem

Difficulty Popularity

Two passenger trains are traveling in opposite direction. The distance between them is 110 Kms. One of them starts at 4 AM and the other starts at 5 AM on a velocity of 20 and 25 KMPH respectively.

What is the time when they both will meet?

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Mu Sigma Interview Puzzle #2 - Maths Deduction Interview Problem

Difficulty Popularity

In a competitive examination, 3 marks are given for every right answer and 2 marks are deducted for every wrong answer. A student attempts 30 questions and obtains 40 marks.

How many questions did he answered correctly?

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Mu Sigma Interview Puzzle #3 - Tcs Maths Riddle With Answers

Difficulty Popularity

The ratio of teenagers to adults in a town is 30:1. If the teenagers are increased by fifty and the adults by five, the ratio will change to 25:1.

How many adults are present in the town at present ?

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Mu Sigma Interview Puzzle #4 - Maths Area Interview Problem

Difficulty Popularity

The area of a square plot with each side of 6cms is equal to the area of a rectangular plot having the width of 2.5 cms each.

What is the length of the rectangular plot?

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Mu Sigma Interview Puzzle #5 - Hands of Clock Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Can you determine how many times do the minute and hour hands of a clock overlap in a day?

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Mu Sigma Interview Puzzle #6 - Mislabeled Candy Boxes Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

A new company has launched a range of juicy candies. There are two flavors of which these juice candies will be available for retail - Peach and Grape. The toffees are packed in three different boxes with one containing peach candies, one containing grape candies and one containing a mixture of both. It is informed that the packaging person has accidentally mislabeled all the three boxes.

If you are asked to label them correctly, how many candies will you have to pick and from which jar in order to label every box correctly?

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Mu Sigma Interview Puzzle #7 - Dry Fruits Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

You are provided by 100 kg of a fresh fruit. You are told that the fruit comprises of 68% water content and when the fruit dries, the water content decreases to just 20%.

How much dry fruits will you be able to obtain from the quantity of fruits given to you?

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Mu Sigma Interview Puzzle #8 - Popular Age Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Anna is two years elder than Bella who is twice as old as Camilla. If the sum of their ages is 27, Find out the age of Bella.

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Mu Sigma Interview Puzzle #9 - AP and Ratio Interview Question

Difficulty Popularity

Let Sn represent the sum of first n terms of an AP.

If S2n = 3Sn, then what will be the ratio S3n/Sn be equal to?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 10

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Mu Sigma Interview Puzzle #10 - Length of Room Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

A room's width is half of its length. If we reduce both length and width by 6, then the area is differed by 108.

What is the length of the room?

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