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Headstrong GmbH Interview Puzzles have been brought to you by GPuzzles.Com. The idea behind this post is to prepare students for the Interview Questions in Headstrong.

A Basic info about the company:
Headstrong (A Genpact Company now) is a corporation with existence across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, operating in more than fourteen locations. It was formed in 2000 when Arjun Malhotra managed Techspan was amalgamated with James Martin Associates (by Dr. James Martin) who sat as Headstrong's chairman emeritus until his death in June 2013. Arjun Malhotra became Chairman & CEO of Headstrong in 2004. Commencement of the start of 2010 Sandeep Sahai, the president of the company, became the CEO.

The following Headstrong Interview Puzzles will help you enhance your skills and will offer you better confidence while giving the interview.
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HeadStrong Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #1 - Popular Goat Wolf and Cabbage Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

This is an old one but surprisingly, many peoples still don't know the answer. There is a river. On one end is a man, a wolf, a goat and a cabbage. There is a boat which has to be used to cross the river. However, the man can take only one thing with him at one time. Now if the goat and the cabbage is left behind, the goat will eat it and if the goat and wolf are left behind, the wolf will eat the goat.

How will he cross the river with the two animals and the cabbage?

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HeadStrong Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #2 - HeadStrong Logical Interview Question

Difficulty Popularity

Three friends, Peeta, Eugene and Harry plans to visit an art exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci. While going to the exhibition Peeta says that Leonardo has at least four paintings of Rembrandt. Eugene denies with his statement and tells that he has less than four paintings of Rembrandt. Harry says that he does not know exactly too but he knows that there is at least one Rembrandt by Leonardo.

Now only one of the three friends is correct. Knowing the fact, how many Rembrandt does Leonardo has?

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HeadStrong Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #3 - HeadStrong Logical Interview Problem

Difficulty Popularity

Following are three answers:
1) Answer 1
2) Answer 1 or Answer 2
3) Answer 2 or Answer 3

What is the correct answer to this if there is only one correct answer?

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HeadStrong Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #4 - Tricky Clock Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

If you see a reflection of an analogue clock which shows 2:30, what will be the original time?

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HeadStrong Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #5 - Popular Sphinx Interview Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Name a creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening.

Insight: This logical riddle was asked by Sphinx to Odyphius according to the Green Mythology.

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