Optical Illusion : Female figure in a Tree

There is nothing much to talk about this illusion but there is a lot to admire about this illusion. It might not look the same or so impactful from other angles and thus we must applause the artist for finding out the angle that can create this illusion and capturing the beauty through the lens so perfectly. One can also relate this figure with Mother Nature herself. After all, it is her work and she has crafted the tree with her artistic approach.


Optical Illusion : Popular Find The Middle

Which one of the two fingers is pointing towards the center of the given figure?

category : LOGIC | TRICKY

Optical Illusion : Abnormally Long Arms

Whoa! The girl in center has certainly grown abnormally long arms. They are reaching to the extreme ends. Seems like she has gained the superpower from fantastic four movie. Jokes apart, what is happening here? Actually her right hand is resting on the shoulder of the second girl to her right and the hand that you see ahead in actually the hand of that girl. They are aligned in the same line which is giving out this effect. The same is happening on her left side. The combined effect is that we perceive abnormally long arms.

Optical Illusion : Famous Rotating Circles Wallpaper

While this appear to be an extremely attractive wallpaper, just move your eyes randomly over the image and you will find the circles moving. It's really fun.

category : MOVING

Optical Illusion : Dog Man

Now this is something really amusing. It really feels like there is a dog human or dogman sitting on the seat. Were you able to find the truth behind this illusion? Actually there is a person sitting on the seat and next to him, there is a dog. The person's head is not visible because he is probably dozing off with his head lying out of the range of camera. This is the reason that you are seeing a dogman instead of two different living beings in the picture. The illusion is amazing though.

Optical Illusion : Famous Penrose Triangle

This illusion was created by a mathematician Roger Penrose and became highly popular back in the '50s. It is an impossible object like you can see. It resembles an illusion only from a certain perspective. While two corners of the object follow the normal Euclidean geometry, the third one is connected to two different planes. It can't exist in real life.

Optical Illusion : Crooked or Straight

Are the lines in the given figure bent or parallel to each other? How many of them are parallel if they are parallel and how many are bent?

category : LOGIC | PUZZLES

Optical Illusion : Fingernails leaping off the Page

This is the work of a popular Italian illustrator Alessandro Diddi. You certainly can't believe your eyes. He is a genius. We are sure there are many other incredible anamorphic illusions created by him using just pencil and paper but this one caught our attention the most. It really feels that those finger nails exist in real world. It is incredible how he can fool our eyes into believing something that is just an illustration. Can you try your hand at such an art? If you can, do share with us.

Optical Illusion : Ship with Scraped Metal

So, we have come up with another scraped metal shadow illusion. This time, it is a ship, a huge sailing ship. Again, if you look at the scraped and welded metal, nothing is clear. No one can have any idea why the metal pieces have been welded in this manner. But the moment you throw light on the scraped metal, you find a shadow on the opposite side that is enough to sweep you off your feet. A huge ship is what you see and then comes the wondering. How is this even possible? Well you have to ask the artist for the explanation.

category : AMAZING

Optical Illusion : Grey Rectangle

In this illusion, you can see a distinct rectangle in the center and you can see a gradient of grey as the background. You can't deny the fact that you can see a gradient even in the center rectangle which is going from the lighter shade to the dark shade from left to right. But will you do one thing? Take this image and go to any image editing software. Now sample the different regions of that rectangle. You will be shocked to find out that the grey rectangle in the center does not comprise of any gradient and is rather a same shade throughout. So why does it appear so? This is because of the gradient in the background which makes us perceive what we are.

category : TRICKY

Optical Illusion : Hidden Face in the Environment

This picture is a little too over occupied but then, it is creating a magnificent illusion. There is a lot in this picture that you can perceive. Let us begin with the basic environment which is constituted by the tree, grass, shrub, water/river and the buildings on the far end. There is something in the middle of the image but we are not sure what it is. The next major thing you will perceive is a face formed using all the objects in the picture. There is something very deep about the face. Oh but let us not dive into the pool of philosophy here. Let us enjoy this amazing ambiguous illusion for what all it is offering.

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