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#21 - Guess The Next Number Of This Series

Difficulty Popularity

Which number comes next
1 3 8 13 21 ?
category : SERIES

#22 - DeathMatch 23 Coin Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Brutal king organized a deathmatch between 2 captured enemy soldiers and told them the one that wins the match will live and the other will be hanged to death.
DeathMatch Rules:
1. There will be 23 coins on the table.
2. The one who picks the last coins will lose.
3. You can pick coin either one or two at a time.
4. Coins will be picked one by one.

Consider yourself as one of the soldiers, will you pick coin 1st or 2nd and why?

category : LOGIC

#23 - Unique Date Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

A mathematician told me that people often write a date in two ways
like a.b or a/b ie. 6th December is written as 6.12 or 6/12.
and then the mathematician asked me a problem
"Which unique date has the property that the product of two formats of date is equal to 1 i.e a.b X a/b = 1"

category : LOGIC

#24 - Who Are We Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

We have black but we are not tea seeds.
We have white buts we are not lime.
We have water but we are not a river.
We have feather but we are not birds.

Who are we?

category : WHAT AM I

#25 - Can You Crack The Code Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

A secret file can be opened by a 5 digit code.
Can you crack the code with the help of clues given in the picture below?

#26 - Numbers River Crossing Brain Teaser (Hard)

Difficulty Popularity

There is an Island of puzzles called GPuzzles where numbers 1 - 9 want to cross the river. There is a single boat that can take numbers from one side to the other.
However, maximum 3 numbers can go at a time and of course, the boat cannot sail on its own so one number must come back after reaching to another side.
Also, the sum of numbers crossing at a time must be a square number.

You need to plan trips such that minimum trips are needed

category : LOGIC | MATHS

#27 - Oscar Rebus Movie

Difficulty Popularity

Which Oscar-winning movie does below rebus identifies?

category : REBUS | PICTURE

#28 - Colors Trivia Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Three words Purple Orange and Silver have something unique in common besides being all colors.
What is that?

category : TRIVIA

#29 - Prison Break Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

An innocent person named Lincoln Burrows is framed for the homicide of the Vice President's brother and is kept inside a vault.
Lincoln brother Michael Scofield must break the vault by a three-word code.

On the vault, he read the text which is a clue for the code.
31 11 33 33 43 45
21 25
31 24 11 31 51 41

Whats the code

category : CIPHER

#30 - Soap Weighing Maths Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

We have two soap of equal weights and a 3/4 pound weight.
However, after using 1/4 of soap we place all three objects on balance as On one side of balance we place one soap(unused) and on another side, we placed used soap (i.e 3/4th of soap) and 3/4 pound weight.

What is the soap weight?

#31 - Add The Matches Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Which maximum three digit number can you form by adding exactly 3 matches?

#32 - Quick-Fire Age Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Aarav is 6 years old and his sister Arshika is half of his age. What is the age of Arshika when Aarav is 50 years old?
category : LOGIC | TRICK

#33 - Suicide Or Murdered - Crime Scene Home Picture Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Based on the clues in the picture, Can you identify if it's a murder or suicide?

category : MYSTERY

#34 - Poem Who Am I Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

I don't have a mouth but can roar.
I don't have eyes but can cry
I am really good but bad sometimes.
Without me, all will die.

Who Am I?

#35 - Find Read Bird Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Can you find the real bird in the picture below?

category : PICTURE

#36 - Quick-Fire Dunkirk Soldiers Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

During World-War-II, in a city name Dunkirk, Captain Tommy gives the order to soldiers
- Right Turn
- About turn
- Left turn

Assuming initially they are facing west direction, in which direction are the soldiers facing now?

category : LOGIC | TRICK

#37 - Find The Killer In Shop Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Based on the clues in the picture below, can you find the killer?

#38 - Who Is The Kidnapper Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Look carefully at the picture below and can you identify who is the Kidnapper?

#39 - Find Casino White Chip Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Can you find the white chip from the casino picture below?

category : PICTURE

#40 - Sheldon Cooper And Magician Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Sheldon Cooper went with his girlfriend Amy in a magic show.
At the start the show, the magician tells the crowd that he is known for his famous magic when he stands under water for 8 minutes.
Sheldon Cooper instantly replied that he can do the same for 10 minutes and without the use of any equipment.
The magician challenged Sheldon and promised that he will give Sheldon $5000 if he can do the same.

Sheldon won the challenge.


category : LOGIC | TRICK

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