#11 - Odd Picture Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

What is so weird about this picture?

category : PICTURE

#12 - Can You Crack The Code Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

A secret file can be opened by a 5 digit code.
Can you crack the code with the help of clues given in the picture below?

#13 - Oscar Rebus Movie

Difficulty Popularity

Which Oscar-winning movie does below rebus identifies?

category : REBUS | PICTURE

#14 - Soap Weighing Maths Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

We have two soap of equal weights and a 3/4 pound weight.
However, after using 1/4 of soap we place all three objects on balance as On one side of balance we place one soap(unused) and on another side, we placed used soap (i.e 3/4th of soap) and 3/4 pound weight.

What is the soap weight?

#15 - Add The Matches Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Which maximum three digit number can you form by adding exactly 3 matches?

#16 - Find Read Bird Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Can you find the real bird in the picture below?

category : PICTURE

#17 - Find The Killer In Shop Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Based on the clues in the picture below, can you find the killer?

#18 - Who Is The Kidnapper Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Look carefully at the picture below and can you identify who is the Kidnapper?

#19 - Find Casino White Chip Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Can you find the white chip from the casino picture below?

category : PICTURE

#20 - Decipher Maths Rebus

Difficulty Popularity

Can you decipher the below rebus riddle?

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