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Latest Mystery Puzzle And Riddles #11 - Murder Suspect Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

It was the first day of the college when a young girl was found dead on the college premises. The police narrowed down four suspects.
1. The Dean: He claims he was in his office whole day.
2. Maths Teacher: She claims that she was giving her students grades.
3. Peon: He claims that he was bringing the mails.
4. Mathew: He claims he was cleaning the roof of the college.

Who was the murderer?

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Latest Mystery Puzzle And Riddles #12 - Fake Eye Witness Murder Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

Vasco Radar rushed toward the nearby police station. He was shot in the stomach and there was blood all over his clothes. He told the police officer that he was walking with his friend toward his home and suddenly a man shot him from the back and then shot his friend "Jacob Litter" on his head. He then runs as fast as he could to save his life. The police officer arrested him for his friend's murder. Why?

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Latest Mystery Puzzle And Riddles #13 - Alex Parris Statement Mystery Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

An office computer network was hacked by one of 1000 employees of the office. Detective Alex Parrish has narrow down five employees, as the possible culprit. Each of them gave Alex Parrish three statement and out of which two are true and one is false.

1. I have not hacked the system.
2. I have never hacked anything in my life.
3. Ellington did it.

1. I have not hacked the system.
2. Network attack was done from the office.
3. I hate Shelly

1. I have not hacked the system.
2. I have never seen Shelley in my entire life.
3. I know, Ellington did it.

1. I have not hacked the system.
2. I know, Shelley did it.
3. Hopkins was lying when he said he did it.

1. I have not hacked the system.
2. I know, McLaughlin did it.
3. I used to be friend with Braddy.

Alex Parris instantly knows who hacked the network, Do you?

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Latest Mystery Puzzle And Riddles #14 - Hercule Poirot Murder Mystery Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Hercule Poirot was called to investigate a murder case where the killer seemed enthusiastic about leaving the clues behind probably because he was intrigued by the intelligence and crime solving skills of Hercule Poirot.

Loraine was murdered in her house. She was stabbed to death. There were five people present in her house at the time of the murder - Christopher, Marcus, Stella, Mindy and Sophia.

The murderer left a note on six different places: Compound, Art Room, Restroom, Underwater Room, Study Room and Movie Room with a single line text in each one of them - "The clues are where you find the notes."

While there was nothing found at the places where the note was left, Hercule Poirot was able to find the murderer.

Can you decipher the clues and find out who the murderer is?

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Latest Mystery Puzzle And Riddles #15 - Sherlock Find The Killer Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Sherlock is called upon on a crime scene. A woman has been killed and there are only three suspects to the murder, the three people who were present on the scene.
Alice, the best friend of the woman who was present for a night out.
Debra, who was accompanying Alice.
Sia, who is the house maid.

A note is found in the hands of the victim, which reads:
'Second of January, Third of July, Fourth of April, Second of October, Fourth of December'

The note was all Sherlock needed to find out who was the killer. Can you find the killer too ?

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Latest Mystery Puzzle And Riddles #16 - Common Sense Mystery Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Vrinda is murdered at her house in New Delhi, India on 26-01-1989. The police analyzes the case and narrows down to three suspects. The three suspects give the following statements:

Divya: I was not in the state when the murder happened.
Remya: I was ill and doctor had suggested bed rest. I was on my bed at the time of murder.
Soumya: I had to deposit my house tax and I was in the municipality office at the time of murder.

Who do you think is the murderer among the three?

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Latest Mystery Puzzle And Riddles #17 - Statement Killer Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Xack 'The Knife,' the ill-famed tough guy, was found murdered on a particular night in a pathway behind the discotheque he frequently visited. The police brought in three suspects on the next morning. A detective was called who interrogated the three men and noted down the following statements given by the suspects.

1. I did not kill Xack.
2. Morgan is not my friend.
3. I knew Xack.

1. I did not kill Xack.
2. Richard and Travis are friends of mine.
3. Richard did not kill Xack.

1. I did not kill Xack.
2. Richard lied when he said that Morgan was not his friend.
3. I do not know who killed Xack.

One of them has actually killed Xack 'the knife'. Can you find out who is the killer?

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Latest Mystery Puzzle And Riddles #18 - Find the Murderer Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Role Action
Block Prevents the target player from acting
Redirect Change target player's target.
Save Protects the target player from death.
Seer Sees all actions that occurred
Murderer Kills the target player

Following five players are playing:

As the Seer Christopher you saw the following happenings:
1) Danny was redirected to Garry.
2) Garry was blocked.
3) Harry was killed.

Can you tell who the murderer is?

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Latest Mystery Puzzle And Riddles #19 - Out Of Box Thinking Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

n a hotel, a man was sleeping when he heard a knock on the door. He shifted the blanket and stepped down from the bed. He waked to the door and opened it to find a stranger standing outside.
Upon opening the gate, that stranger said, "Pardon me, I must have made a mistake. I thought this was my room."
The stranger then walked the corridor and climbed down the stairs. The man closed the door and immediately called the security. He asked them to arrest that stranger immediately.
Why did he asked them to arrest that stranger? What made him suspicious?

Latest Mystery Puzzle And Riddles #20 - Famous Story Riddles From History

Difficulty Popularity

Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar was the ruler of India. In his court, he had the much talked about Nine Gems out of which, one was Birbal, particularly known for his quick wit and intelligence.

The word of mouth spread faster than a fire in the forest and a distant king felt the eagerness to meet Birbal. He sent an invitation for Birbal to come and visit his country.

When Birbal arrived to his kingdom, he was welcomed and was escorted to the palace. Inside the palace, he found out that there were six kings sitting in front of him. Each of them were a lookalike with same robes.

But who was the king? He got his answer very soon and then approached him to bow in front of him.

How did Birbal find out who the real king was?

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