We all have those times when we are not able to solve most of the puzzles or riddles we find anywhere. But there is no reason to lose your heart. Instead focus on the section below that comprises of Easy Puzzles and Riddles by GPuzzles.Com For everything in life, there is a beginning point. The following will serve as the beginning point of solving complex riddles and puzzles. Begin your journey by solving these Easy Puzzles and Riddles and gradually master the art of solving the puzzles.

#11 - Who Are We

Difficulty Popularity

Without being called, we came out at night.
Without being stolen, we get lost in the day.
Who are we?

#12 - Captain Jack Sparrow Ship Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Captain Jack Sparrow is the captain of this famous ship.
The captain of this famous ship is Captain Jack Sparrow.
The Captain Jack Sparrow is best pirate captain known.
What is the name of the Captain Jack Sparrow ship.

Confused ???

So what is the name of the ship?

category : LOGIC | TRICK

#13 - Trick Odd One Out Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

One of the below words is odd one out. Can you identify it ?
First Second Third Forth Fifth Sixth Seventh, Eighth Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen.
category : ODDD ONE OUT

#14 - Remove 2 Matchsticks 6-4=7 Equation Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Can you remove 2 matchsticks and make the equation( 6 - 4 = 7) valid ?

#15 - New Answer Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

There is a puzzle which can be asked all day with a different correct answer each time. What is the puzzle ?
category : TRICK

#16 - QuickFire Equation Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

If below equations are true,
24 $ 6 = 64
35 $ 5 = 87
63 $ 7 = 99

Then based on similar logic what's the value of below equation
88 $ 8 = ?

category : MATHS | EQUATION

#17 - The Coffee Rebus Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

What does below coffee rebus means ?

category : REBUS | PICTURE

#18 - Chelsea Faster Player Race Quick Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Chelsea organized a race in which Luiz, Terry, Hazard, and Pedro have participated.
The results of the race is as follow :
: Luiz beats Terry
: Hazard beats Pedro
: Pedro beats Luiz

So who was the fastest in the race ?

category : LOGIC

#19 - 13 Hearts Who am I Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Got 13 hearts but never alive. Who am I ?

#20 - The Pacific Quick Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Balboa discovered The Pacific in 1513.
Which was the largest Ocean before that ?

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