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Organization : Kofax
Position : Software Engineer

Kofax Interview Process

I applied at Kofax for the post of Software Engineer through my university. I was interviewed at Kofax in 2014 and the entire process took a day. There was a written test, a technical interview and a HR interview in the interview process at Kofax.

Round 1 - Written Test
The written test comprised of technical questions, aptitude questions and English language based questions. The technical questions were pretty basic and require only a brief studying. The aptitude questions were time taking and the language questions were easy. The test was completed by me within the given time. Many students were excluded from going to the technical interview.

Round 2 - Technical Interview
I was one of those who got selected for the technical round. First of all, the resume was checked by the interviewers. There were two interviewers. After a brief reading of the resume, they were already impressed. So the interview began with the projects that I had mentioned in the resume. Since they were authentic, I was able to reply to every questions. They also asked me about the problems that I faced while doing the projects. After that a few C++ based questions were asked too. Nothing was unexpected and the difficulty level was easy.
Q1. Differentiate between C and C++.
Q2. What are linkages? Tell the types of linkages.

Round 3 - HR Interview
My resume was read even in this round. And even the HR was impressed. I felt glad that I was serious in my college. Then, I was asked about myself a few questions. I was asked why I was interested in working for their company. I was asked my goals and if this was the profession I would spend my entire life confined in or I had other dreams as well. This was a different questions but I was able to answer something.

After this interview, I was given the offer and since it was a campus placement, there was no room for negotiations.

How to crack Kofax Interview

One thing that I learnt during the interview at Kofax was that if you have a nice resume, they will probably like you and keep you. By nice resume I mean, you should have some good projects mentioned there which tells that you have been serious for y our career. You will feel that if they are impressed with your resume, they will certainly ease down upon you and moreover, most of the questions will then be based on those projects which will be easy to answer since you did them yourself.

Other than that, a few C++ based questions were asked too. The level was basic and nothing out of the box was asked. They know you are fresher and they treat you like that which is the best part about their hiring process.

No negotiations are possible if you are on a campus placement. I don't know otherwise. All the best for your interviews.

Thanks Anmol for sharing the details of your interview.
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Riddle 1 - 1 !=3

Can you move four matchsticks to make the equation true?

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Logic Math Problem

David and Albert are playing a game. There are digits from 1 to 9. The catch is that each one of them has to cut one digit and add it to his respective sum. The one who is able to obtain a sum of exact 15 will win the game?

You are a friend of David. Do you suggest him to play first or second?

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Popular Deductive Logic Problem

Eight Brothers lives in an old house where there is no electricity and no computers or any any other gadget.

Brother-1: Reading Comics
Brother-2: Playing Chess
Brother-3: Writing
Brother-4: making food for the family
Brother-5: sleeping and snoring
Brother-6: cleaning house
Brother-7: watering the plants

what is Brother-8 doing ?

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Hard Logic Brain Teaser

There are 100 doors. 100 strangers have been gathered in the adjacent room. The first one goes and opens every door. The second one goes and shuts down all the even numbered doors – second, fourth, sixth... and so on. The third one goes and reverses the current position of every third door (third, sixth, ninth… and so on.) i.e. if the door is open, he shuts it and if the door is shut, he switches opens it. All the 100 strangers progresses in the similar fashion.

After the last person has done what he wanted, which doors will be left open and which ones will be shut at the end?

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Pirates Probability Brain Teaser

You are stuck with the pirates who might even kill you on board. They give you a chance to survive. There are hundred black rocks and hundred red rocks. There are two empty sacks which are labelled as heads and tails respectively. You have to divide the rocks in two bags as per your wish. Then a fair coin will be flipped. If its heads, you will have to pick a rock on random from the sack labelled heads and if its tails, you will pick up from the tails sack. If you pick up a black rock, you will be freed and if you pick up a red rock, you will be killed.

How will you distribute the rocks so that your chances of survival are the best?

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Hard Logic Statement Riddle

There are a hundred statements.
1st person says: At least one of the statements is incorrect.
2nd person says: At least two of the statements is incorrect.
3rd person says: At least three of the statements are incorrect.
4th person says: At least four of the statements are incorrect.
100th person says: At least a hundred of the statements are incorrect.

Now analyze all the statements and find out how many of them are incorrect and how many are true?

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Knockout Matches Logical Problem

Let us say that a table tennis tournament was going on with knock out terms which means the one who loses the match is out of the tournament. 100 players took part in that tournament.

How many matches were played?

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Funny Brain Twister

We all know that New Year occurs after a week from Christmas and thus it falls on the same day as of Christmas. But this will not happen in 2050. In 2050, Christmas will appear on Sunday while New Year will appear on Saturday.

How can this be possible ?

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Move 3 MatchSticks Puzzle

You need to divide area in the picture below into two equal parts by using exactly three match sticks. Can you do it?

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Spot The Difference Christmas Tree Riddle

Can you spot 5 differences in two Christmas tree below?

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