3D illusions are pretty popular these days and artists have become more frequent in posting their illusions on internet as these illusions have become a rage on internet these days. People admire them a lot just for the fact that they are so alluring to the eyes and many a times unbelievable. Producing a third dimension (imaginary) while working just in two dimensions is surely a work of art. In this list, you will find all the popular and great 3D illusions.

3D Optical Illusions #1 - Water Wall

Have you ever seen a wall made up of water? If no then have a look. Danish artist Jeppe Hein has created one such piece of art. The triangular structure is made of two-spyglass mirror and wall of water. The wall of water is created, by sensor drops when people are extremely close to it. Once you enter the flow picks up and the wall is created. People can look outside the triangle through the two-way mirrors and also reflect each other, the water, the visitors, and the surroundings, causing everything to seem to visually dissolve.

3D Optical Illusions #2 - Giant Killer Gun Sketch

This is really amazing. Unbelievable! This artist has some real talent and the fact that we are blown over by his skills is the proof of it. The huge gun appears to be coming right through the canvas to kill him. It feels like it was sketched on a three dimensional plane although it is just a two dimensional sketch. Another interesting part of this sketch is the bird that seems to have been tied to his hand. It symbolizes the fact that he needs peace. It is great that artists can add the symbolism and metaphors to their art that are supposed to just blow away our mind.

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3D Optical Illusions #3 - Hungry Shark inside Elevator

This is what you call an amazing and mind blowing optical illusion. So, it seems like there is no floor inside the elevator and the ground has been filled by water which is inhabited by a hungry shark. The art is too realistic and so impressive that one must give a bow to the artist. But look at the guy. He is literally enacting scared and trying to stay away from the shark. We have always been writing that everything counts when you are portraying an illusion. Now this illusion might not have looked so great if this guys was standing there or laughing or even if nobody was inside. So full marks for this illusions. Truly an amazing job by the artist.

category : AMAZING | ART | 3D

3D Optical Illusions #4 - Absolutely Terrifying Room

Look at the picture and if you have acrophobia, you will probably never want to visit this room. This is a marvelous 3D art and the artist who has done it has done a terrific job. It is so real that anyone who walks into this room will surely want to check by keeping just a foot inside first. At this angle of camera, it looks absolutely terrifying. However it will be a pleasure to walk inside and look at it from different angles and probably marvel at the stunning art.

category : AMAZING | ART | 3D

3D Optical Illusions #5 - Scary Death Trap Elevator 3d Art

What if the elevator's doors opened up and you found out this? We are pretty sure you will lose your balance even before taking your first step inside. Certainly such arts can give you a chill down your spine. But what an amazing art by the artist. It looks so real that most of us will not step inside before touching the floor with our bare hands and confirming that it is just an art.

category : ART | 3D

3D Optical Illusions #6 - Impossibly Real Painted Basketball

No this can't be right! No way can this basketball be a painted illusion. An anamorphic art cannot be so real by any means. We all thought the same with the first glance. Though we can't deny the fact that we still feel the same. This is because it appears so real that you almost want to pick it up and dribble it. But then, it is a stunningly real 3d anamorphic artwork in reality. Whoever has created this illusion surely deserves a bow from us.

3D Optical Illusions #7 - Popular Ikemath's Impossible Pillars

The first thing to notice in this illusion is the placement of the watch along with the figure. What does it tell? Certainly it has been kept there to tell us that this illusion is created in real world and thus is pretty possible even though it looks so impossible. But how? To know that we must have the access of the object itself. It is a particular camera angle that makes it appear in this manner. What if we chose another camera angle?

3D Optical Illusions #8 - Beautiful Girl 3D Sketch

This is absolutely stunning. How can someone create such a graceful woman sketch with a three dimensional effect. Except probably the facial expressions that appear to be a little hard, the rest of the posture, the arms and the dress simply looks so beautiful, so elegant and so graceful. Guess we used three adjectives defining the same meaning. Probably we were too charmed by the output that the artist has managed to produce in this three dimensional sketch.

category : ART | 3D

3D Optical Illusions #9 - 3D Lake Bridge Sketch

Although the sketch has not been made with complete finesse (the artist wanted to keep it that way and not make it too realistic), you can get an idea that there is a river flowing in the center of the city's heart. A boat is being rowed in that lake and ahead of the boat stands a bridge connecting the two sides of the city. The beauty of this sketch lies in the bridge only. This is because of the fact that the bridge looks three dimensional and amalgamates perfectly with the entire picture.

category : ART | 3D

3D Optical Illusions #10 - 3D Mario Realistic Sketch

This will bring back the childhood memories. Of course, back then Mario did not appear in the three dimensional figure but keeping in the mind the popularity, the makes designed the 3d platform games for the kids. So let's not deviate from the topic here. The 3D Mario figure that you see is basically a two dimensional sketch. But it don't appear to be right? That is the art and the artist has been able to achieve great results for sure.

category : ART | 3D

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