Hidden Face Optical Illusion #1 - Tree Trunk Puzzle

What extra would you be able to find in this picture ?

Hidden Face Optical Illusion #2 - Enigmatic Painting

This is a marvelous piece of art. The painting might look simple at the first glance but if you concentrate, you will be awarded with one fine example of ambiguous illusion. What was the first thing you perceived? We are sure that most of you saw the face of an old man. But if you concentrate, you will see a horse rider in the image. Once you can find it, it will be a lot difficult to perceive the old man's face again. Anyways, you can also find a women lying down on the right side of the rider. Also, now you may perceive the white hair as a river flowing down and the dark hair at the right most as trees. Were you able to perceive anything else than that? Do leave in your comments if you were.

category : ART | FACE

Hidden Face Optical Illusion #3 - Creepy Tree

This image has surly been modified a little. But the result is excellent and it does not appear as fake. Even without the skull illusion this tree would have looked creepy enough but that illusion has made it even more eerie. Now it can surly be used as a movie poster of any horror movie. How did you find this skull illusion? Do leave your feedback in the comments section and don't forget to share it if you liked it.

Hidden Face Optical Illusion #4 - Hands on Face

This illusion has been pretty popular on the social media. Often quoted as the Face Paint Optical Illusion, this illusion deserves all the praise that it has received. We all keep our hands on our face at several occasions but one artist was creative enough to take it up and create an illusion of the same by painting it on a face. This is one of those body paint illusion that grabs your attention wherever you see it and you can't help but share it.

Hidden Face Optical Illusion #5 - Most Popular Jesus

Stare at the image for about a minute with concentration and then look at the blank wall in front of you. What do you see?

category : AMAZING | FACE

Hidden Face Optical Illusion #6 - Hidden Face in Green Mountains

That is a pretty face that you can see on the left region of the picture. The view has been taken from high above the ground level and showcases the beautiful green mountains on the coastline of a sea or river. For obvious reasons, you know for sure that the illusion that you are looking at has been created by modifying the original image. Anyhow, the illusion is beautiful and the facial features that come out are so elegant.

Hidden Face Optical Illusion #7 - Hidden Face in Snowy Mountains

This is a beautiful picture of snow covered mountains. Who would not love to spend some time of their vacation right there? But the mountains are hiding a face. Can you spot it? On the left portion of the image, if you look with concentration, you will be able to find it. Moreover, the face is actually a laughing face. The snow portions is also acting as teeth and is giving an illusion that the person is laughing actually.

Hidden Face Optical Illusion #8 - Face of Paris

This illusion has become popular by this name. Of course you can see the Eiffel Tower in it and that is the reason. This picture shows the beautiful city and a girl walking under the rain with an umbrella. But along with that, it is giving an illusion of a face and thus the name Face of Paris. If you view the trees as eyes, the lady as the nose, you will be able to find the face. Now, this is an amazing illusion. This is because much of it is a real image and not a modified thing. Amazing right?

Hidden Face Optical Illusion #9 - Hidden Woman Face

Here is another painting optical illusion for guys who love this sub category. What this painting portrays is the grey mountains and warriors. You can see one on the horse and three others. But among all this, there is a face that has been composed using all these elements. If you look carefully you can find where. The whole painting seems to be a portrait once you are able to recognize the face in it. The face is of an old woman. The horse acting as the nose and the horse rider acting as one of the eye. You will be able to trace the entire face now.

category : ART | FACE

Hidden Face Optical Illusion #10 - Hidden Face under Pebbles

This picture appears to be a top view of tons of pebbles. It could exist anywhere but what is so special about these pebbles? Can you spot a face in these pebbles? If you look carefully at the center, you will see that the pebbles are forming facial features like eyes, nose and lips clearly and there is a faint hint of the overall outline of a face as well. Now this is clearly a Photoshop edited image but the overall illusion is nice.

category : FACE

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