There is a reason why Rebus Puzzles are so popular among the puzzle fanatics. They are probably one of the most interesting ones among all the genres or categories. Just to make things even more interesting, we have made the following Rebus Puzzles Pictogram Worksheets for you. The benefit you get is that they are print friendly and thus you can take out the print outs and keep them with you for times when you are away from your laptops or desktops.

We have also categorized the worksheets according to the difficulty levels. So you can chose what suits your need and even view them before you decide to print them. In order to understand better, why don't you just go ahead and view a few of these worksheets right now?

#1 - Rebus Puzzles For Kids Worksheet

Difficulty Popularity

This rebus puzzles worksheet is meant for kids. We have paid special attention to the fact that the difficulty level does not go above their IQ level. So, sit back along with your kids as they test their tiny brains into solving these interesting puzzles. Solving rebus is a healthy exercise for growing minds and the best part is that they are intriguing enough to keep them glued.

#2 - Medium Difficulty Rebus Puzzles worksheet

Difficulty Popularity

Medium Difficulty Rebus Puzzles Worksheet is meant for people who have been familiar with such puzzles for some time now and want something more challenging than what they are used to. Here you will find an intermediate difficulty level of rebus puzzles that are not easy to solve but are not impossible as well. So take your time and try to solve these rebus while sipping your cup of coffee.

#3 - Hard Rebus Puzzles worksheet

Difficulty Popularity

Hard Rebus Puzzles Worksheet is meant for people who are pro when it comes to the genre. Believe us, you will have a hard time if you jump directly to solving these. So it is advisable that you try your luck at the lower difficulty levels before you move to this worksheet. The puzzles inside the worksheet are really good and they are not impossible to solve. You will just need some more time and may be you can do them while relaxing in free time.

#4 - Maths Rebus Puzzles Worksheet

Difficulty Popularity

Maths Rebus Puzzles Worksheet is meant for the mathematics fanatics. There are people who love maths and solving mathematical puzzles is a hobby for them. No there is nothing wrong with you and you must know that there are so many others just like you. But if you are one of them, you have landed on the right page. This Maths Rebus Puzzles Worksheet will keep you busy in an interesting manner. Try right now if you have got nothing else to do.

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