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Work Riddles #1 - Unfinished Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

What work can one never finish ?

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  • Sol Viewed : 20k+

Work Riddles #2 - Decode Easy Rebus

Difficulty Popularity

Decode this Easy rebus ?


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  • Sol Viewed : 10k+

Work Riddles #3 - Small Funny Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Why did the school girl eat her homework ?

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  • Sol Viewed : 10k+

Work Riddles #4 - Funny Question

Difficulty Popularity

steffi works in a sweet shop has a measurement of 36-24-36 is 5'8" tall. She wear size '8' shoes.

What do you think she weighs ?

  • Views : 40k+
  • Sol Viewed : 10k+

Work Riddles #5 - Maths Aptitude Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

Harish can paint a wall in just 3 hours. However it takes 6 hours for Ganpat to complete the same job of painting the wall.
How long would it take for both of them to paint the wall , if both work together ?

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