Who does not like riddles that rhyme? Well in pure sense, the Rhyming Music Riddles suffice to the term riddles in actual means. Don't think that these Rhyming Music Riddles are meant for children as some of them can be really difficult to solve as well. Thus the following list by GPuzzles.Com will suffice both young and adults.
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#1 - What Am I Riddle For Children

Difficulty Popularity

I go up,
I go down.
I go towards the sky.
I go down towards the ground.
I am present tense.
I am past tense too.
Children loves me.

What Am i ?

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#2 - Who Are They Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

They can be interesting,
They can be boring,

They can be long,
They can be short,
They can have pictures,
They can be just words.

Many love them,
Many Also hate them.

What are They ?

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#3 - Who Am I Question

Difficulty Popularity

I am in the beginning of the earth.
I am at the end of the time.
I appear two times in a week.
I appear once in a year.

Who Am I ?

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#4 - Logic Word Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

gun, shoe, spree, door, hive, kicks, heaven, gate, line, den
I used a logic for this ordering of words.

whats logic i used ?

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#5 - What Am I Poem Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

I dont eat but i do have a mouth.
I have no money but i do have a bank.
I do not sleep but i do have a bed.
I have none hands but still i wave.

What am I ?

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#6 - What Am I Mind Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

I can bring a smile to your face,
I can bring a tear to your eye,
I can bring a thought to your mind.

But, no one can see me.

What am I ?

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#7 - What am I Question

Difficulty Popularity

I have streets but no pavement,
I have cities but no buildings,
I have forests but no trees,
I have rivers yet no water.

What am I ?

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#8 - Who Am I Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

I look at you, you look at me I raise my right,you raise your left. What am I ?

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#9 - Easy What Am I Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

I can be made, cracked, told or even can be played and i bring smile on your face.

What am i ?

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#10 - Tricky Logical Question

Difficulty Popularity

Prinka and Priyanka are pizza lover so they start talking over pizza.

Prinka said 'what rhymes with the word pizza?'.

Priyanka replied, 'Nothing rhymes with pizza.'

'Actually something rhymes with pizza', replied Prinka.

Who is correct ?

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