Mind Bender brain teasers demand for lateral thinking. They fully exercise your brain and require complete concentration while solving. They will twist your brain and sometimes you may even get irritated because of not getting the correct answer. But at the end of the day they will definitely enhance your solving skills and knowledge.

Here are some of the mind benders for you.
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#1 - Mathematical Sum Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Can you get sum of 99 by using all numbers (0-9) and only one mathematical symbols ?

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#2 - Awesome Logic Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

In the risk management subject of brainTeaser school , teacher told them about risk management.
To everyone surprise , on the exam question paper there was a solitary question on it: 'What is risk ?'

Most people passed the exam however only one student get 100% marks.
He had written only word in the answer sheet.

What did he write?

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#3 - Mug Of Coke Maths Probelm

Difficulty Popularity

There is a Mug with no cover and some coke in it.

Ribery said 'This Mug of coke is more than half full,
Lahm Replied 'No it's not,It's less than half full.'.

Without any measuring implements and without removing any coke from the Mug, how can they easily determine who is correct?

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#4 - Text Rebus Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

What does the following text rebus represent?




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#5 - Missing Number in the Sequence

Difficulty Popularity

What are the missing numbers in this series ?

7, 14, 17, ? , 27, ? , 35, 37, 42 , 47

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#6 - Maths Operator Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Using Only Five 5's and any maths operator make sum as 37

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#7 - Its a Tricky Logic Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

1 = 6
2 = 12
3 = 18
4 = 24
5 = 30

Then 6 = ?

Hint: Its a logic Riddle not a mathematical riddle

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#8 - Logic problem

Difficulty Popularity

Five liverpool players Daniel Agger, Steven Gerrard, Nuri Sahin, Luis Suarez, and Raheem Sterling have a dot mark in their forehead.
They can't see the dot on their own forehead, but can see the ones on others.

The owner of WHITE dot is an honest person and will never lie, while the owner of BLACK dot always tell the lie.

This is the statement from Daniel Agger, Steven Gerrard , Nuri Sahin and Raheem Sterling:
Daniel Agger: 'I see 3 whites and 1 black'
Steven Gerrard: 'I see 4 black'
Nuri Sahin: 'I see 3 black and 1 white'
Raheem Sterling: 'I see 4 white'

What color is the dot on each Daniel Agger, Steven Gerrard, Nuri Sahin, Luis Suarez, Raheem Sterling forehead?

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#9 - Funny Rescue Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Rooney was locked in a room by kidnappers.
All that is in the room is a piano, calendar, and a bed. The room is locked from the outside.

What does he eat, drink, and how does he escaped and get out ?

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#10 - Circle The Numbers Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Can you circle exactly four of these numbers such that the total is twelve?

1 6 1
6 1 6
1 6 1
6 1 6

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