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Electricity Puzzles #1 - Picture Brain Teaser

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You can see the figure or draw one of your own. The scenario is as shown. There are three houses represented with the triangle over the square. There are three utilities: W, G and E representing water, gas and electricity respectively.

Can you draw a line and get each utility into every house (9) total lines without ever crossing any line?

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Electricity Puzzles #2 - Grandma Riddle

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An electric train is traveling from Manchester to Liverpool (in south-west direction) at 200km/hr.
The wind is blowing south east at 125km/hr.

In which direction does the smoke blow ?

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Electricity Puzzles #3 - Trick Maths Train Problem

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An express electric train takes exact three seconds to enter tunnel which is 1 mile long.

If train is traveling at 120 mile an hour, how long will it take to pass completely through the tunnel ?

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Electricity Puzzles #4 - Hard Probability Problem

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There is no electricity in your home. You have to wear socks. You trace the drawer and find out that there are four socks in your drawer. The socks can be either black or white. You take out two of the socks from the drawer. Now the probability that the two socks are black is 1/2.

Can you calculate the probability of taking out a pair of white socks from the drawer?

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