A perfect blend of Cryptic Puzzles and Brain Teasers is what this section of GPuzzles.Com is directed towards. For those who don't know what Cryptic Puzzles are, they are the ones which end with 'What am I' or 'Who am I' or 'Identify me'. Since they are quite popular along with teasing puzzles, we decided to frame a separate section and put in some popular Cryptic Puzzles and Brain Teasers for you in it.
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#1 - What I Am Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

If you throw me from the window,
I will leave a grieving wife.

Bring me back, but in the door, and
You'll see someone giving life!

What am I ?

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#2 - Which King Am I Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

What king can you make if you take
the head of a lamb
the middle of a pig
the hind of a buffalo
and the tail of a dragon ?

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#3 - What word am I Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

I am eight letters long - "12345678" My 1234 is an atmospheric condition.
My 34567 supports a plant.
My 4567 is to appropriate.
My 45 is a friendly thank-you.
My 678 is a man's name.
Q: What word am I?

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#4 - Who Am I Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

I have three eyes in a straight line.
All my eyes are of different colours.
When my red eye opens, everything freezes.

Who Am I ?

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#5 - Identify The Word Problem

Difficulty Popularity

There is a word which when reads upside or down or even backward or forward reads the same.

can you tell identify the word ?

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#6 - Old Word Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Can you tell us an English word which contains of all the five vowels (a, e, i, o, u) ?

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  • Sol Viewed : 20k+

#7 - Popular what Am I puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

I am five letter word that is under you.
If you remove my 1st two letters than i am all around you.
If you remove my 1st letter, then i am over you.

What Am I ?

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#8 - Math Brain Twister

Difficulty Popularity

In my core I have 5 But 500 stand in the beginning and the end of mine. I also include the first letter and the first number to make me complete. I am the name of a King.

Who am I?

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  • Sol Viewed : 10k+

#9 - What Word Am I

Difficulty Popularity

Begin with a word, five letters to my name,
Remove the first and last but I am the same
Take out my middle and still I remain.
What word am I?

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  • Sol Viewed : 10k+

#10 - Who Are They Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

They can be interesting,
They can be boring,

They can be long,
They can be short,
They can have pictures,
They can be just words.

Many love them,
Many Also hate them.

What are They ?

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